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Trevi is a unique service which provides rehabilitation and parental assessment for mothers with drug or alcohol dependency issues, together with their children. Trevi  is both a home and safe place; where mothers and their children remain together as a family unit, whilst substance misuse and related issues are addressed. Daffodil Family Centre is a national parenting assessment centre which provides focused, purposeful, time limited residential assessments. The centre enables parenting capacity to be assessed whilst the child remains in the care of the parent.

Achieved to Date

We have over 26 years experience of keeping women and children safe and due to the success of this service, almost 8 out of 10 children get to stay with their mum. Daffodil offers a strengths-based and psychologically informed assessment, helping parents to address the complex and often longstanding underlying issues that will have interrupted safe parenting techniques. With 24/7 supervision and monitoring, Daffodil's multidisciplinary team supports parents to identify what changes they need to make in order to keep their child safe.

Why We do this

Children with mums who have a drug or alcohol addiction can be given the chance to remain in their care. This is both in the short term whilst mum undertakes her recovery from addiction, and in the long term as they begin a life together free from addiction and abuse. Dedicated to ensuring the best outcomes for children, Daffodil Family Centre places the child at the centre of its work with a trauma informed approach. The safety and welfare of the child is paramount. Whilst our assessment will consider and support the needs of the parents, the focus will be on the child, with a view to facilitate care planning for the child's longer-term future.

Future Plans

The new Daffodil facility that Green Pastures has bought for Trevi will mean we can provide these much needed services to more mothers and their children. We have great plans for the future to grow this service and be able to support and rehabilitate even more families together.

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It is a huge privilege to serve Hannah and the trustees of Trevi to help make their vision of a family assessment centre become reality. The team is totally dedicated to the families in their care and Daffodil Family Centre is a wonderful edition to their portfolio of residential and day support. Saving lives and transforming lives is the core activity of Trevi and we are very proud to partner with them.


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