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We have a fantastic team that provides excellent pastoral support across our Green Pastures properties in Hastings. We grow one two bedroom flat at a time. This has been a great model for us.
Sue Worthing, Project Leader


Transom Trust is an expression of compassion, faith in action and unity by the churches of Hastings, St Leonards and Bexhill, providing supported accommodation for homeless people. Transom Trust is administered by a group of Trustees drawn from local churches and we employ a part-time Property Manager. Pastoral support to our residents and practical help in relation to benefit claims and accessing services is provided by experienced volunteers. In addition, our volunteer team will do much of the work in preparing new properties for letting. There are opportunities for people who can align with the aims and objectives of the Trust to get involved in these various roles or to donate financially towards the costs of refurbishing and maintaining the properties.

Achievements to date

Transom Trust acquired its first property, a 2 bedroom flat, in July 2017 and provides accommodation for two men, both of whom have benefitted greatly from the companionship of sharing a home together.  A second property, another 2 bedroom flat, was acquired in March 2019.

As one of the residents was finalising his move into independent accommodation, he said;

"I must start with my utmost gratitude, thanks, and praise for your continued help and continued support. Without the likes of Penny, Roger Joel and yourselves, I feel I would have continued to have no life, and would without any doubt in my mind that I would be deceased by now. So many of my fellow homeless addicts are now deceased, so many in such a short period of time. I have a big debt owed to society and I hope I can help others find hope and coping strategies for a very bleak future as peoples situations are getting worse."

Why do we do this?

Rough sleepers in Hastings tend to become increasingly entrenched in their lifestyles, mental and physical health problems and substance misuse exacerbated by homelessness, caught in a vicious circle, with little hope of getting off the streets. There has been mounting frustration over recent years amongst Christians and others working with homeless people in Hastings, over the lack of both temporary and longer-term housing solutions, causing huge concern for those ‘stuck’ in their life on the streets.  Hastings Borough Council will place eligible homeless people in temporary accommodation, but many other rough sleepers are not considered sufficiently vulnerable under housing law, or they fail one of the other tests that local authorities are required to apply when considering a homeless application.


Looking forward, we aim to expand our property base, continue to support our residents and assist them with moving on where appropriate.

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The team at Transom Trust are an inspiration to many through their commitment, focus and determination to make a difference to the homelessness and drug abuse crises in Hastings. The trustees, led by Sue Worthing, have built a strong team in a relatively short time, drawing in volunteer support from several churches in the town. They have a reliable volunteer base which provides caring and thoughtful support to their residents. The team’s resilience in the face of the challenges they face as a new organisation is a delight to behold. Having proved through successfully managing one, then two smaller properties they are increasing the supply of supported housing in the town and will, we hope, continue to make an even greater impact as time goes on.


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