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"It is amazing how quickly residents respond to being loved and cared for. All our residents have their own wonderful transformation story."
Helen Rhodes, Project Leader


Stephen's Place was set up to give many people confidence to look forward to a peaceful and stable future. We deliver supported accommodation to relieve poverty and social exclusion caused by being homeless. We provide mentoring, life coaching, gardening, cooking and other life skills such as self-care and raising self-esteem, music and art. We have a team of volunteers who are passionate about these things and who have professional backgrounds in counselling, IT, finance, mental health care, arts and even a beekeeper!

Achieved to Date

We currently have two 5-bed properties in Southend-on-Sea where we are providing supported accommodation to our residents.

Why We do this

Since the death of my son, Stephen, on the streets of Southend, I have been longing to give people, who are in a similar situation to he was, the opportunity to turn their life around... like nurturing the lamb inside. This is why we exist - to ensure that nobody who experiences poverty of exclusion on account of being homeless is left alone and has the opportunity to turn their life around.

Future Plans

We want to continue to grow in order to be able to help more people!

green pastures review

Stephens place is an incredibly unique project started after the founder sadly lost her son due to addiction challenges in his life. Helen Rose has raised an incredible team across churches in southend to be able to house and care for the most vulnerable homeless men that are destitute and struggling within Southend. She had built an incredible rapport amongst the team and she has many volunteers coming in to help with cooking sessions and much mentoring support. Their first Green Pastures property has captured the imagination and interest of Christians throughout Southend and this is the first of many houses we will be doing in partnership with Stephen’s Place. As you can see from the photos there is a fantastic open garden in this first property with outdoor sheds being able to do art classes and gym work. The residents have taken great pride in this first property and really look after the place in an incredible way. We are excited about continuing to partner with Stephens Place to fulfill God’s vision within the kingdom of God in Southend.


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