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On the whole, nobody chooses to become homeless, or find themselves addicted to drugs or alcohol with lives spiralling out of control. Nobody enjoys sleeping in a shop doorway, on a park bench, or under a pier, vulnerable to the elements and unsympathetic passers-by. We don’t choose to find ourselves in a position whereby because of maybe bad choices or circumstances maybe beyond our control, we have nowhere to go, no one to turn to or anyone who cares about us, where we are, or what we are doing. For that reason, ARC Communities has been seeking to be that body of people that can stand in the gap and ‘care’.

Achieved to date

Our success is grounded in the relationships we’ve built with the Faith Based Communities of North Wales who have partnered with us to provide premises and donations of food, clothing and funding. Our Drop-Ins are manned almost entirely by teams of volunteers who undertake a whole range of duties which include catering, mentoring, gardening and cleaning.

Why we do this

To provide people with the support that they need to achieve their recovery in the community, helping them find purpose, and make the best use of all their skills and giftings.

Future Plans

By seeking to become self-sustainable whilst developing pathways for our participants into training and employment through income generative enterprise schemes and initiatives.

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We have been pleased to be a partner of Sanctuary Trust on the North Wales coast, who for many years have reached out to people who are in crisis or chaos because of homelessness or serious substance misuse issues. Through a range of community-based services, including Beit Tikva (House of Hope) they have inspired and encouraged many people to recover and regain their independence and sense of worth as valuable members of the community. We provided ARC with the property that became Beit Tikva; a truly supportive community where residents live together in mutual support with staff and where lives really do change for the better. ARC have and continue to face the major challenges of a significantly changed local operating environment. It has been inspiring to see how they have met the challenges with resilience and vision; which has seen them merge with Sanctuary a like-minded charity. The future looks good for them and we at Green Pastures are proud to be part of that.


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