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"We are working hard to secure our first three residents building greater links with those already working with the homeless and vulnerable in Doncaster. "
Pastor Les Budhi, Renew Doncaster


We operate supported housing for 3 men aged 18+ in one property. Our team of volunteers work closely with our residents to support and encourage them to develop habits and lifestyles which will hold them in good stead for the future. Each resident has individually agreed tailored plans to fulfil this aim. We provide a hand up rather than a handout to secure a more sustainable, independent, less vulnerable lifestyle in the future as they move to independent living.

Achieved to date

We are still seeking our first residents and are excited to see what God is going to do through Renew moving forward!

Why we do this

Because of our Christian love for people; a number of the team have been working with the homeless through soup kitchens, drop in centres, a place to shower and get clean clothes and many other ways over many years. Whilst all this was good and necessary, we felt the time was right to work closer with some individuals, who with a little extra support and the security of a house they could call home, we would see real transformation in their lives.

Future Plans

We know that the need in Doncaster for the most vulnerable people in society to be shown the love of God is immense. Once our house is full and we have stabilised this project, we aim to continue to build a good rapport with other partners in the town and secure the tenancy on another 2 houses to expand our influence and service to more people.

green pastures review

It is always humbling when Churches come together, laying down their own individual goals and objectives, to do something for the common good of a town. Doncaster is one of the largest towns in the country and has been in desperate need for move-on accommodation. The first house, bought by GP is now opened, and so we congratulate the tenacity and fortitude of all concerned pioneering this new project to Doncaster. A hallmark of this Charity has been the teamwork of all concerned. Coming from different Churches and backgrounds has meant that sometimes there has been a clash of cultures on some issues but via love and understanding they have been able to overcome these obstacles to put all the foundations in place to building what we expect to be an amazing response to the need of people to date who have found themselves stuck in Doncaster hostels unable to progress onto independent living. By providing move-on houses out in the community people will be able to take the next steps towards full independence. We also admire the professionalism of what has been achieved to date which can only serve as a wonderful example to the people they house.




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