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“Gilgal has been able to put roof other the heads of people who would have been otherwise sleeping rough.”
Florence, Admin Secretary


Gilgal CIC is an organisation inspired by God to help, support and to tackle the problem of homelessness in our community in partnership with Green Pastures and the other partners all around the UK. According to our vision statement from the book of Joshua chapter 5 verse 9, Gilgal CIC has come to work in partnership with our “parent” organisation, Green Pastures and the other partners in the UK to “roll away the reproach of homelessness”.

Achieved To Date

Gilgal has been able to give life, stability, hope and roof to those who have been vulnerable, unstable, hopeless and homeless with sound health and spiritual awareness that would eventually lead to good relationship with Jesus, others and the community.

Why Do We Do This?

Jesus says, “…for I was hungry and you gave me food, I was thirsty and you gave me drink, I was a stranger and you took me in” Matthew Chapter 25 :36. Gilgal is being motivated by that Scripture to be doing what we are doing.

Future Plans

Gilgal future plans is to house at least 50 homeless people by 2023. To give both spiritual and quality life to the residents, to be able to  work with other Partners to tackle homelessness both in the UK and around the world, especially in Africa.

green pastures review

Gilgal Services are headed up by Michael and Florence Adekoya. They came to us in 2016 with a passion to take on more property to impact people in Dartford and beyond. They currently run 8 bed spaces in old Almshouses in Dartford and have been looking after residents there for several years, even previous to our formal partnership. Michael and Florence are building a team and are extending Gilgal Services to be able to accommodate and care for hundreds of new individuals over the coming years. Their vision is exceptional and they don’t get weighed down by details but keep moving on to the next partnership that’s going to impact more lives. They’ve also been a great encouragement to the Green Pastures family as they’ve continued to invite us to preach at their church and that has resulted in cross pollination of many ideas for the kingdom of God including understanding deeper our identity in Christ and therefore empowering the believer to be all that they truly are in the Kingdom of God.


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