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“Faith Hope and Enterprise gave me an incredible platform to start rebuilding my life.”
Lizzie, Former Resident, Faith Hope and Enterprise


The Faith Hope and Enterprise Company Ltd is a registered charity which provides supported accommodation for some of the most marginalised members of society.  Their exclusion could be due to drug or alcohol misuse, offending behaviour, mental health concerns or learning disabilities. Residents have a regular programme of assessment and review with a variety of activities that help them develop their life skills.

Achieved to date

We have 4 bed spaces with Green Pastures and 30 other residents in our accommodation. We have provided support for many residents over the years, supporting them to overcome addiction, establish healthy relationships, re-build families, access education and training, find work and learn new life skills. Our website has information on a number of their stories.

Why we do this

We provide a range of mentoring and support services to help people build their confidence and self esteem. Our goal is to help those that are struggling with social exclusion and are marginalised by society. We believe that all individuals are valuable and should be cared for and loved. We recognise the individuality of all the people that come through our door and cater our approach to each of them out of this belief.

Future plans

Our plan is to continue growing at a sustainable pace that maintains the quality and ethos of our work, to provide more opportunities for meaningful activity and to develop our social enterprise projects.

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Faith & Hope Enterprises whole heartedly embrace those people who find themselves homeless for whatever reason, whether that be mental ill health, offending behaviour, substance misuse, loss of employment etc. They have a mission that very much accords with ours at Green Pastures “Helping to end homelessness and exclusion in the UK.” You might say that we are ideal partners. We love working with Kevin and his team, and watch them grow from strength to strength in meeting the needs of those who approach them for help. There is tremendous patience and love (in the truest sense of the word) shown by Faith & Hope Enterprises, to all with whom they work. Support really is very much tailored to the needs of the individual and the person works with the team at a pace that suits them – there is no timescale as to when it is expected people will move-on. Currently, Faith & Hope Enterprises provide supported housing in Ashbourne, Belper and Derby. Kevin and his team, do much to foster a sense of community across the organisation through social events throughout the year, to which all are welcomed.


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