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“I am so thankful for all the help you have given me to get me to where I am.”
Jamie, Resident


At Broadreach, we espouse the principles of self-determination and opportunity within a caring and morally responsible community. Our mission at Broadreach Homeless Services is to help people make a home for themselves. We are registered as a non-profit company and limited by guarantee. we are a department set up for single homeless people support. We are dedicated to ending homelessness by delivering life-changing services and campaigning for change. With more than 14 years of work, we’ve built up a huge body of expertise and experience directly influencing policy and practice in a number of areas. We also deliver and commission research to better understand the causes and nature of homelessness.

Achieved to Date

Broadreach Homeless services staff and volunteers are committed to empowering their clients and creating youth awareness of the homeless and homelessness situation in the community. Involving them to show compassion and support to the less privileged of the society. Broadreach Home services offers its staff and volunteers opportunities to make a material and emotional difference in the day to day life of its client’s .i.e. Pastoral care, training, education. Broadreach Homeless services staff and volunteers will treat one another with consideration (irrespective of a person’s ethnic origin, religious background or sexual orientation).

Why we do this

We do this to provide temporary/permanent housing with supportive services meeting the long-term needs of chronic homeless individuals and promoting the gospel of Christ to those who are willing to know Christ. To alleviate chronic homelessness by providing short term shelter that seeks to obtain long-term housing, establish mentoring relationship and trainings to secure stable employment for its clients.

Future Plans

We want to do more for more homeless people in more places across the UK and help to change their lives for good especially within and around South East. We want to change the way society thinks and acts towards homeless people. Help give every homeless person a new chance at Training or Employment.

green pastures review

Broadreach has a warm and thorough approach to supporting residents, taking great pride when progress is made. Hannah Abiole-Obe leads the team of capable and caring volunteers who are rich in experience, caring equally for the residents' practical and spiritual needs. Their attention to detail and knowledge of the challenges facing each of their residents means that even the smallest of steps taken towards independence and wholeness are recognised and celebrated. 


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