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Training for LIFE

Mattersey Hall Training Centre provides training for life. It challenges injustice and addresses the imbalances of our world. Every person should have the right to the same educational and training opportunities as another - the same hopes and dreams, irrespective of their background, social standings, disabilities or past.

We provide a way out for those caught in the system, whose pathways to change have been blocked and restricted through their social circumstances, family upbringing, physical problems, educational shortfalls, or even their own poor choices.

Training for Life provides key skills that unlock doors to a better future - but it also is so much more. We will continue the heritage of Mattersey Bible College and the mandate passed down through the generations.

Mattersey will be a place of training, for men and women to continue their journey of change. A place of equipping, raising up a generation empowered by the Holy Spirit to impact our towns and cities.

our values

Mattersey Hall Training Centre will be founded on the values of Service and Sacrifice.

We will value Discipleship above Leadership.

We will be a place of Honour, Respect, Dignity, Courage, Humility, Passion and Potential.

“All they asked was that we should continue to remember the poor, the very thing I had been eager to do all along."
Galatians 2:10
Darren Jones
Chief Operating Officer

the vision

"During 12 years of developing homeless projects, I had been frustrated by a lack of provision available for those that have progressed within our homes. Many residents had progressed so well on their journey of change and had shown incredible potential, but was was next for them? They did not need rehab and they were not ready or capable of accessing a 3-year Bible College degree.

It became obvious that a bespoke facility was needed to help our residents fulfil their potential. Many slipped away through a lack of next stage options and we didn't want to see this continuing to happen.

Very simply, how do we raise up a generation of workers, support workers, managers, pastors and evangelists? How do we raise up the next generation of leaders, the next King David who was found in the fields? Our belief is that Mattersey Hall Training Centre provides the answer."


If you believe that you meet the eligibility criteria below and with to apply please click the link below. This will take you to an online application form. When you have filled out all the questions and click submit, our team will receive your details automatically and will then get in contact.

If you are a referring agency and wish to refer an individual to us, please fill out the form on their behalf.

If you would prefer to use a paper version of the form that you can return via post or email, there is a link to do so at the start of the online version.

If you have any questions and need to speak to us, please call on 01777322231.


“We recognise that young men and women that have come through many of our projects needed a sense of purpose. They too need an opportunity to find that,

We are so excited for all that is ahead and for what God is going to do in this campus.”

Julie Jones
Training and Education
the training we offer - the 7 r's


1. A demonstrated desire and willingness to change
2. An openness and willingness to explore the Christian faith
3. A willingness to reduce prior entry from life controlling medication such as Methadone
4. A willingness to engage with the structured day-to-day program at Mattersey Hall
5. Certain criminal offences would exclude individuals from becoming a resident


Organisations such as Green Pastures Partners, Social Housing providers, Rehab programs and Prison resettlement teams.

what our residents say
Ricky, Green Pastures Resident

“I feel to be here for several months would get me ready for the outside world. It's going to fill the gap between finishing rehab and getting back into society”

Richard, Green Pastures Resident

"I'm dyslexic so coming here would give me my opportunity to make my reading better. I want to be a key worker to help people and the only way I can do that is to learn better myself."

Jamie, Green Pastures Resident

“Green Pastures has been the foundation of my recovery. It's given me stability, routine, created new friendships and fellowship.The whole idea of coming to a place like Mattersey Hall Training Centre is exciting. It gives me a lot of optimism and puts hope into my life. It's the next step in my journey.”