LET'S HOUSE THE hidden homeless in SCOTLAND!!!

Find a property
Purchase the Property
Find the residents
Train you to care for your residents
Receive Housing Benefit that pays the lease
Train you in all the paperwork required
Maintain the property
Give ongoing support, feedback & information
Shannon's story
City Hearts Aberdeen
Pete Cunningham - Founder


YES! Because we provide the capital to purchase the house, the volunteer training & all the paperwork required.

You DON’T need housing experience or capital. You DO need a heart for God and a willingness to serve. We are here to hold your hand every step of the way and to make the journey as easy as possible.


  • The resources to support residents
  • The capital for property purchase
  • Training of your church / charity volunteers
  • Full control of your housing project
  • Professional consultancy on Housing Benefit
  • A strong network of Christian partners
  • Finance to start social enterprises
  • Grants, events & continual training
“We look forward to working with you to house the homeless in Scotland, and end homelessness in the UK!”
Karl Reece, Partnership Manager, Scotland
WHAT IS god saying to the SCOTTISH church?

Isaiah 58 says that we should provide ‘the poor wanderer with shelter’. There are many poor wanderers throughout Scotland. Can you help? Would you even know where to start? Come and speak to Green Pastures - we have been housing the homeless for over 20 years! 


Green Pastures provide the finances for purchasing a house as well as providing a comprehensive wrap around support package covering every aspect of the management and operation of a supported housing project.

This is your organisation's project, however you get to plug into the comprehensive range of support materials via the Green Pastures Partner website. You will receive training, encouragement and mentoring by our Scotland-based liaison team, enabling your project to reach its fullest potential, and to reach out to the most vulnerable people in our country.


We are currently housing over 1,100 people. The vast majority would be homeless if not for Green Pastures and the supporting Church or Charity 'Partners'

'Partners' across the whole of the UK who love, house and support people 

Total value of Green Pastures CBS Ltd. assets are in excess of £50 million!

Partners already in Glasgow, Aberdeen and Fife 

Many residents become born again believes, set completely free from addiction and controlling behaviours


If you are a Church leader, please contact us at partneradmin@greenpastures.net. We will be in touch with you very quickly!

If you are part of the congregation or membership, and God is speaking to you, please speak to your Church leadership. Explain to them your vision and ask them to contact us

If you would like to set up a Charity, speak to your Church leadership and ask them if you can present your vision to the congregation. Regardless, please contact us as we would love to hear more of what God is saying to you. To see the roles of the team members, please click here.

If you're ready and think you could be our next Scottish partner, use the contact form below.

It's amazing to hear and see all that is taking place in Scotland and we can't wait to have you join us.

We look forward to hearing from you soon!

“I came that they may have life and have it abundantly.” Jesus
John 10:10
Partnership Application
Partner confirms referrals & finds property
GP trains Partner
and purchases property
Partner prepares the house & places residents
Partner supports the residents
& GP supports the partner
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“We exist to pursue freedom and restore lives. Aberdeen had next to no provision on the ground for Human trafficking survivors or even refugees/ assylum seekers in the North-East of Scotland. Through working with Green Pastures we have been able to offer some of these survivors a home, but more importantly hope”

Searchlight Scotland
Green Pastures Partner

What’s involved ?

Any partnership takes commitment. There are task that you will responsible to when housing & caring for the homeless in partnership with us.

PARTNER responsibilities >

Partner Enquiry
GP Calls / Visit
Property Search


Our partners are Churches & Christian charities who have a passion to house the homeless. Each partner does not necessarily have housing experience but a desire to do something and a belief in what their residents can become.


partnership faqs

Will we need training?

Green Pastures provides training required. We can discuss with you additional training you may want to access.

How BIG A TEAM do i need?

This depends on the number of hours available of each person per week but 3+ people to run a 3/4 bedroom house is recommended.

WHAT IF house IS NOT full?

Our sustainable financial model takes into account each partner experiencing voids.

can we evangelise?


How much will it cost?

There is no financial cost to the partnering. We try to free the organisation partnering of any financial costs.

more Partner FAQs >

partner Map

what our partners say

“Green Pastures are very responsive. They are kind and patient and they are solution oriented. You don't feel silly asking basic questions!"

Cath McGee,
Refugee Survival Trust, Glasgow

“I am thankful to the Holy Spirit's prompting in my heart to respond in obedience to what I believed the Lord put on my heart. Thank you to Green Pastures also for being an encouragement! I am confident that the Lord be glorified in this ministry and partnership.”

Rev. Ryan Robertson,
New Hope Community House, Fife

request information

Enter the details of your church or Christian charity and we will email you our partnership information.

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If you requested information please now check the email address you provided.

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