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We are passionate about you thriving in the ministry God has called you to as you are led by the Holy Spirit. If you decide that a Green Pastures’ partnership is for you we will equip you to care for the homeless in your area and give them opportunities to enter into an active relationship with Jesus. We are here to serve you, encourage you and give you the confidence to run fantastic supported housing. Our prayer is that as the body of Christ we can end homelessness in the UK and see hundreds of thousands of residents following Jesus.

Jesus said “I was in prison and you visited me, I was homeless and you housed me”. Paul was “eager to help the poor”. John

reminded us that “If anyone has material possessions and sees his brother in need but has no pity on him, how can the love of God be in him?” Proverbs says “He who wins souls is wise” and we want to see all our residents have the opportunity to come into relationship with Jesus and be supported in that relationship. As Billy Graham says: “The decision is 5%, following up the decision is 95%.” We provide the paperwork, expertise & support that will enable you to provide high quality supported housing.

We want to partner with local churches and Christian charities to end homelessness in your area.


The Partner's role is to house & care for the homeless in property identified by the partner and purchased by Green Pastures. The Partner provides care and support to its residents, administers the project and maintains the property. Through your resident support team each partner assists the residents with making sure they are settled and supported, claiming benefits, training, accessing employment and more.


1-2 administrators
3-5 hours per week

Administrative tasks on resident move in and sustaining
residencies. This includes referrals, resident sign-up, Housing Benefit comms, lease payments, utilities & pastoral care admin.

Resident SUpport (2 /resident)

A minimum of 3 hours per week per resident
2 hours per week per volunteer

Interviewing and Assessing new potential residents, creating support plans, weekly support, contact logs & spiritual input.

Maintenance (1-2 /PROPERTY)

2 persons required per property
2 hours per week on average

Responsible for overseeing upgrades in preparation for habitation and all ongoing maintenance of the property. Drafting in contractors as necessary.

Green pastures' ROLE

• Raise the capital for property purchase.
• Purchase and own the property.
• Provide essential documentation & expertise.
• Assist partner to prepare rent sheet and documentation...
• Provide ongoing support to each Partner.
• Inform each Partner of relevant housing information...
• Organise the annual Partner Conference.

Once you have applied and been approved as a GP partner you will be able to access all the documents referred to in this document in Partner Login. We will help you navigate your way through each of these to ensure the partnership runs smoothly.
Documents provided include:
• Partner Pack
• Housing Benefit Income Guidance
• Lease Agreement
• Property Related
• Resident Sign Up
• Resident Support Paperwork

There are many more important documents all stored in the GP Partner Login.
Partnership Application
Partner confirms referrals & finds property
GP trains Partner
and purchases property
Partner prepares the house & places residents
Partner supports the residents
& GP supports the partner
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