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We provide support for people on release from prison in Staffordshire, West Midlands, Telford and Shropshire, through mentoring, guidance and practical help. Yellow Ribbon works with people seeking change in their lives so that they do not return to prison.

Achievement to date

Yellow Ribbon provides safe stable accommodation at multiple properties in Telford, Shrewsbury and the West Midlands, currently housing up to 45 clients. Our clients are quick to confirm that living in one of the Yellow Ribbon properties has given them the start they need to rebuild their lives. We are currently running courses in DIY & Maintenance and Life Skills. Our clients have enjoyed doing these courses, 2 days a week, and feel it gives purpose and structure to their week. Outside of these courses we help clients find ways into either voluntary or employment places.

Why we do this

Believing forgiveness and reconciliation are key to welcoming people out of prison and back into society, we befriend, assist, challenge and change behaviour that may have lead to offending. By offering accommodation, support and helping ex-offenders address issues, we believe that lives can be turned around.

Future Plans

We enjoy close ties with local employers and agencies, and have been successful in placing our clients in both paid and voluntary posts. We plan to build upon the opportunities available for our clients in order to help them thrive as they enter back into society.

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Set up in 2013 Yellow Ribbon is a community chaplaincy providing support for prisoners on release from prison, working across Shropshire, Staffordshire, West Midlands and Worcester. Forgiveness are reconciliation are foundational to the great work Yellow Ribbon does in helping prisoners break a life cycle of reoffending and the revolving door of prison. Pauline Mack and Rita Wilkinson are Yellow Ribbon stalwarts and from a partnership perspective are a delight to do business with. They recognise the importance of providing a prisoner with a good home on release, and one to one mentoring and guidance to help them gain access to employment. As the Partnership Manager for Yellow Ribbon, I was both humbled and inspired in talking with someone who had previously been helped by Yellow Ribbon, but who now had his life fully together, was in employment and very much looking forward to a bright and positive future – a great testament to Yellow Ribbon. The future looks good for Yellow Ribbon and the people they help to move toward a positive future. Green Pastures is privileged to work in partnership with such a tremendous organisation.


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