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"Our positive working relationships with individuals within organisations enable us to provide targeted support to service users from the first day they come to our office."
Hannah Iwanuschak, Manager


The Saviour Trust offers support to the homeless and those at risk of homelessness by providing mentoring support, drop-ins, food, clothing and accommodation. We attempt to address the root causes of homelessness by offering a holistic approach. We provide accommodation and support around life skills: money management; mental & physical health; employment and training; family reconciliation; as well as alcohol and drug abuse. We currently support up to 320 individuals and families from our Leeds and Pontefract offices.

Achieved to date

Over the last 13 years, we have helped numerous individuals to reconcile with family, to recover from addiction and to move into permanent accommodation and employment. We are fortunate to hear regularly from past service users who tell us how we assisted them to change their lives and to become positive contributors to their community.

Why we do this

We are driven by our Christian faith and values to help people to break the cycle of crime, addiction and homelessness. We believe that by providing stable accommodation to those in need they can utilise the time, space and support to make long-lasting and positive changes to their lives.

Future Plans

Having opened a new office in Leeds 2 years ago, we continue to expand and to help more and more people every year. We are committed to growing sustainably and helping as many people as possible for as long as possible!

green pastures review

What a story! We can only marvel at the incredible growth of the Saviour Trust. Through an incredible chain of events GP was able to buy them their first house in 2006. Since then they have grown at a mind-blowing rate and remain our stand-out partner for their demonstration of how it is possible to scale-up quickly and successfully to meet the local need. Vic Iwanuschak stepped out in faith to start this journey off with the baton eventually being passed onto his daughter in law Hannah. We love Hannah’s faith and reliance on God. She has worked closely with Wakefield Council to develop a model whereby other than in exceptional circumstances housing can be provided by the Saviour Trust to anyone homeless or who is leaving prison at very short notice. Saviour Trust have also demonstrated that all of this can be done whilst still remembering that each person is unique and needs support tailored towards their own requirements.


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