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Supporting residents in their tenancy is at the heart of the partnership of Solution House and Green Pastures. Placing the residents in the property is simply the start. The support the resident receives is what really determines the success of the ministry we are engaging in. As always, prayer is foundational to all of our work with each tenant.  We allocate 6hours weekly for performing all under listed duties and administration. We are the new breed of prayerful, holy living and militant believers reserved by God until now to reap the end time harvest for Him. To snatch perishing souls out of the grip of Satan through the powerful declaration of the word of God, in the name and by the blood of Jesus. We are destined to continue steadfastly in the apostolic doctrine and to witness daily, the resurgence of the unusual apostolic signs and wonders.

Achieved to date

We meet weekly to pray for individuals and the church as a whole. We attend to peoples’ financial needs by loaning out money and allowing the borrower to refund in instalment without interest A substantial amount is given to the faith clinic from monthly collection dues to assist the homeless. We also serve as a link to assist brethren in search of accommodation and Jobs.

Why we do this

Many of our residents will come to our project with large debts. Debt is often the cause of great anxiety and depression amongst our tenants, so one of the most effective ways we can love and serve them is to help them to get out of debt. Getting out of debt is a long process that may take years. There are few support projects that will have regular contact with a ‘client’ besides a housing provider. So us as the housing provider are in an almost unique possible to help our residents tackle the long-term debt. Our project, we use a local church near us that have a Christians Against Poverty (CAP) Debt Advise Centre. CAP Centers visit clients in their own homes over three weeks to get a complete view of their financial predicament before drawing up a plan to get out of debt. 94% of clients say our service was either life transforming or a great help.

Future plans

As a Christian project, we know that all have fallen short of God’s standard, all of us have turned from Him and rebelled, all people, be they landlords or residents, need the saving grace of Christ. This is a great leveller. Ultimately our greatest need is to be reconciled to God through Christ, and that is a homeless person’s greatest need too. We have produced an depth guidance document on how you can honestly, openly and lovingly share the good news with your residents called Steps to Faith.

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Michael Adekoya is the gentle driving force behind Solution Centre and he leads by example. His love and care for the people living in the Green Pastures properties he manages is easy to see. He knows them by name, and he gains their respect because of the genuineness of love which he so amply displays. Michael is more than a role model, he is a father figure to them because he also brings the Love of God in action. He and his team are acting as a lighthouse to other new and potential partners who see the very real changes that come about through partnering with Green Pastures.


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