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"Searchlight Scotland has given me another chance at life and a new future, which I never thought was possible. I have been encouraged to believe in myself and achieve things I have never thought I would ever be able to do"
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Searchlight Scotland works as a social welfare charity, providing secure accommodation to survivors of modern slavery, and to individuals with life-controlling issues such as addiction, and mental health disorders such as anxiety. We were founded in 2018 with a mandate to fully restore those with a history of vulnerability and exploitation. We began with a single home to help women with life controlling issues and shortly after we welcomed our first survivor of Modern Slavery. Since then, it has been a breathtaking leap into the underbelly of British Society. We care for some of the most vulnerable and exploited men, women and children in the country, provide care for women with life controlling issues and have future plans to become part of the support network for the care of survivors of Modern Slavery in Scotland.

Achieved to date

Since February 2019 we have housed many people and many have moved into independent living. We have had discussions and connections with the Scottish government and have gained great connections with Charities in the City.

Why we do this

We want to bring light into the darkest situations in society. Primarily we found that Aberdeen had next to no provision on the ground for Human Trafficking survivors or even refugees/ Asylum seekers in the North East of Scotland. Aberdeen has also been known to be a huge import for Human Trafficking because of it's large harbour. 215 people were rescued in Scotland in 2017 alone with the figures having double from 2018-2019. Some people say this is the tip of the iceberg. As well as this, we discovered shocking facts about the social difficulties in Aberdeen and surrounding areas. Aberdeen has a rate of 44.5 teenage pregnancies per 1000, compared to 41 per 1000 for the rest of Scotland. Substance misuse is very high within pregnancy, with drugs and alcohol playing a major role generally in the destruction of people's lives across the city. The city also has 80 brothels on the high street alone, which is only a mile long. We exist to help in these dark situations.

Future plans

We Look forward to having many more people come through our care and expand our reach. Currently our service is primarily aimed at Female survivors and vulnerable women.

green pastures review

Searchlight Scotland have earned a reputation for being one of the leading experts in the field of working with those who have been human trafficked. One thing we continually learn at GP is that homelessness comes in many guises, and this unfortunately is definitely one of the more extreme versions. It was with great delight therefore when we learnt that Searchlight wanted to work with GP to set up an operation in Aberdeen, Scotland. As well as ladies who have been human trafficked, they will also be leading women out of the addictions they are facing via a recovery model they have developed. In setting up this project there have been many unforeseeable hurdles to jump over but we are so impressed that the team at Searchlight are continually demonstrating that they can meet those challenges, filled as they are with the love for the women they are supporting.


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