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“God Gave us the name ‘Restore’ for our church for it to do just that, based on Isiah 58, God wants us to see individuals Restored, physically, emotionally and relationally back to God. Our Restore Home has allowed us to do just that and is an essential expression of Gods heart towards His children. It has practically enabled us to provide long term empowering relationship with individuals and see them flourish in all that God has for them”
Adrian Simpson, Restore Homes Manager


Restore Homes currently operates five houses equipped to support 17 adult males aged 18 and  over. The home initially provides a safe and secure breathing space for previously homeless individuals creating a sense of belonging and family support. Through long term mentoring and tailored support plans, with the aim bring restoration to their lives and equip them to move on to independent living. Green Pastures has also been fundamental in enabling us to acquire a community venue, not only to house our church but also to increase our capacity of community support tenfold including hosting Princes Trust team program, computer clubs, support or the vulnerable, wellbeing coaching and much more

Achieved to date

Since we started, we have seen individuals restored in their relationship with God and become integral members of the church and some have moved on to employment, independent living and away from the local area. Our Longest standing resident has keen green fingers and transformed the garden to include a thriving vegetable patch and most of our current residents are engaging in various forms of support and volunteer work in church or the local community.

Why we do this

At Restore we believe we are called to live 58 which is taken from Isaiah 58:6-12 and we hope by living our lives like this we will be a place where people can come and are Restored to God.  We aim for the church to become a Sanctuary, a safe-haven, where anyone can come to, feel welcomed, at home and part of a family. A safe place which will allow individuals to become who they were designed and destined to be by God. Restore Homes is an expression of the Live 58 mandate.

Future Plans

We are looking in the future to increase Restore Homes capacity to include supported housing for families in crisis and are currently looking into this with the help of Green Pastures.

green pastures review

If passion for the lost could be bottled and sold then Stuart, Tammy and Adrian would be very wealthy indeed! We have been so impressed by the work that has been done through the men’s house we have bought for the Church with some really radical transformations and salvations. In addition, GP bought Restore a new Church building and we are delighted that this has released the Church into more outreach to the least and the lost in the town. Another feature of the partnership is the excellent working relationship with the local Council who really appreciate all the Church does to alleviate poverty and suffering for those in desperate need. We can only see this partnership developing as more and more people lives are impacted by the love shown by the Church and as the Council work with them to find solutions to the real local problems being faced.


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