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Founded on Christian values, we are a local charity based in Redhill providing practical solutions and emotional support to the homeless, vulnerable and isolated of East Surrey. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, we are unable to run the floating winter night shelter we ran during the winters of 2010/2011 to 2019/20. We are now looking for a house in which to support 4 homeless people. These will be people who need extra support in order to engage well with services. Renewed Hope can provide that support through our Drop-In service.

Achieved To Date

Our first Green Pastures property is pending.

Why We Do This

Renewed Hope aims to foster independence and improve the quality of life of our guests. We do this through understanding their needs and offering support and guidance alongside our partners and other agencies.

Future Plans

Renewed Hope has a long-term vision to open a year-round hostel for homeless adults working with agencies to provide holistic support to those individuals. A portfolio of several houses may be a better set-up to achieve the same goal of getting vulnerable people ready for long-term accommodation.

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Renewed Hope is a charity with an outward focus and care for the community. We are so impressed by their care and passion and it is a pure joy to work alongside Sam and the team in planning for the future! We are looking forward to supporting them as they get supported housing established and to see them transform lives for the glory of God. We have no doubt they will play a pivotal role in ending homelessness in the UK!


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