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“Everyone should know about Mulberry. It’s the best kept secret in Blackpool in regards to helping addicts and giving them a safe place to get well.”
Matt, Resident


Mulberry Community Project was registered as a non profit making charity on 26th April 2007 with the intent of assisting people in recovery to find long term abstinence from all mind altering substances. It was formed because there was little if any support around for people post detox/rehab coming back into society with the normal process of going back into their addiction and becoming a using addict again. The failure rate for this situation was around 80% at that time. We operate small cell recovery houses where people are given a safe and secure environment where they can learn about themselves and their addiction and reintegrate themselves back into society.

Achieved to date

We now operate 9 houses, we have a capability for 29 people, we have 6 paid staff and 5 volunteers.  Of the houses 8 are totally abstinent based houses and recently we have opened a low dose house where people coming out of prison, or have recently come out of prison but still on a low dose of methadone (30ml) can come while they do a reduction programme aiming towards abstinence.  This was set up in conjunction with the Lancashire Police Commissioner and Horizon the Blackpool commissioned drug and alcohol service.

Why we do this

It was obvious that with some support this failure rate could be altered however that support was not happening. Mulberry went live and operational in May 2010 with its first house which was provided by Green Pastures from Southport. We had very limited funding (£250) however we did have a business plan and we knew it would work given time. We operated completely on volunteers with volunteers doing everything. Within a short time we had filled the first house and referrals were coming in.  We opened our second house when the finances allowed and we have operated the same way ever since.

Future Plans

Plans for the future are to continue what we are doing, work together with Green Pastures and trust in the Lord for our future to lead and guide us.

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Mulberry Community Project is a non-commissioned supported housing project for abstinent recovery from drug / alcohol dependence. The truly inspiring and remarkable “Mulberry Harbour”, which enabled the successful Allied invasion of Normandy in June 1944 was the inspiration behind the naming of the Mulberry Community Project. The “Project” provides the support that people in recovery need once they have made their Landing into abstinence and my oh my, what a great job Keith and his team are doing in enabling them to sustain this and move into recovery. In this last year Mulberry Community Project has attracted positive interest from the Home Office. Mulberry Tree is piloting “low dose” housing and has opened a four-bedroom shared house for people being just released from prison or about to be released, who are on 30 ml of methadone or less, and who wish to further reduce this. Keith has been invited by number of prisons in the North West of England, to come and talk about the approach Mulberry Community Project takes in supporting people in their recovery. This growing recognition is wonderful and well deserved. We at Green Pastures are so pleased to continue to support and work with Mulberry Community Project. Our Father in heaven does not want any of his children in bondage to addiction. Long may “Mulberry” continue unshackling people from this.

Enjoy the real story video from Mulbery Community Project.


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