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“Thank you Lighthouse Homes for giving me chance after chance. It may look like I’m ungrateful but I do appreciate what you have done for me. You have given me a second life to be proud of”
Resident, Lighthouse Homes


Lighthouse Homes offers residential community support with a Christian ethos for those who are facing homelessness on our four sites in South Yorkshire, North Derbyshire. We welcome both men and women who need a fresh start from danger, drugs, alcohol or disappointment. We are open to anyone over 18 years, regardless of ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation or background. We also have a small selection of move on homes available for residents who are more ready for independent living. The Christian faith is central to everything we do and optional prayer and worship take place at all our projects. No- one is obliged to participate. We encourage an atmosphere where staff and residents freely share their beliefs if they wish: we are open to people of all faiths and none.

Achievements to date

LighthouseHomes has deep roots in the communities we serve. We have developed in response to local need and we were formed in Rotherham in 2005, by Churches Together. We are an ecumenical project, encouraging the participation of all churches and faiths. In the past four years we have grown rapidly in response to homelessness need in partnership with other Christian organisations. Our service has moved into Shirebrook and Brimington/Chesterfield in Derbyshire, in response to need. We are so pleased that God has led us into service in these new communities and we look forward to serving Him as our future unfolds.

Why we do this

Our values are stability by ensuring an environment of safety; dignity by demonstrating genuine respect; friendship by creating a compassionate community; purpose by sharing a life giving faith; plan by encouraging new opportunities. Through our dedicated team of staff and volunteers, we assess and support residents to meet their personal, practical and housing needs. We have a key-working support system for all residents and our weekly activities programme is part of living at Lighthouse. We offer a safe place to enable residents to be able to change in areas of life where they may be struggling. A place of hope and change.  

Future plans

We aim to be true to our calling to help those in homelessness need. We want to see sustainable and effective growth where the need exists. We are wanting to work in partnership and together with others wherever we are called by God to develop and serve. God has been good to us and we will respond to guidance and opportunity.

green pastures review

Lighthouse Homes has always been one of our stand-out partners for showing how community living with God at its centre has the capacity to change lives each and every day through their daily activities and optional devotional meetings. After working with the group for 10 years we were extremely excited to make our largest ever purchase in 2017 when we bought Lighthouse 38 flats in a single block in Chesterfield. Only surpassing this excitement has been seeing all the accommodation units now fully occupied and lives again changing as the partnership evolved and adapted its model to work with people in a more independent setting. We also bought Lighthouse a derelict pub in Shirebrook in Derbyshire in 2015 and with the expertise of Darren Jones, working very closely with our Director Andrew Cunningham, completely gutted and transformed the building turning it from being a blight on the community to literally a lighthouse of hope for those who are now resident and transforming that part of the town.


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