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The Jericho Road Project began in 2000 when a YWAM (Youth with a Mission) team spent time at St Andrew’s Church, which lies at the heart of Nottingham’s red light district. The vicar of St Andrew’s and his wife were distressed by the plight of the women working in the area and wanted to do something to help. Small teams began walking around the area to pray and offer food and drink to the women. In 2003 the project became a joint-church initiative, the first staff member was employed and a drop-in centre was established next door to the St Andrew’s vicarage. Now, 20 years from its inception, the Jericho Road Project has a whole team of staff and around 60 volunteers from across many churches in Nottingham.

Achieved To Date

The first Green Pastures property is pending.

Why We Do This

Accommodation is woefully inadequate (to some extent non-exist) for marginalised women who are chaotically living and often in the revolving door of the Criminal Justice System.  The Bible makes it clear that the Lord has a real heart for these women.  We want to be able offer the support to women that will enable them to make better life choices, exit destructive behaviour cycles and accept Christ as their saviour.

Future Plans

The first Green Pastures property is pending. We can't wait to get going to house people and end homelessness in our nation! 

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Jericho Road Project is an amazing Charity and is an amazing partner. They have 20 years of experience of helping women in the sex trade and have been the hands and the feet of Jesus to them. They currently look after several women in different projects supporting them as key workers so have a wealth of knowledge and experience. This project is going to have several houses in Nottingham and we are very pleased to be partnering with them.


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