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Inside Out started from a call to help people, individuals and families, impacted by the effects of drug abuse.  We house individuals and aim to equip them to live lives that are flourishing and connected to loved ones and society as a whole.

Achieved to date

We have seen clients enter Christian Ministry, get employed, reconnect with family and friends, get married. We have grown from one 3 bed house to providing beds & services in multiple houses, through partnerships with Jubilee Church in Hull and a private landlord. Our first property was purchased with the assistance of Green Pastures. It’s safe to say we wouldn’t have made as much progress to date, without that property. 

We have run several successful training sessions to equip Churches to better support individuals in addiction.

Why we do this 

Inside Out exists to assist people struggling with drug abuse. We aim to enable individuals to live free from abuse and its effects. We believe that we are to ‘proclaim liberty to captives’ and our ministry is based on Isaiah 61

Future plans

We aim to continue to offer training courses and support to enable Churches and other organisations to support individuals and families that are struggling in addiction. We continue to look to build relationships and partnerships that will increase our reach and influence as we work to ‘bring good news to the poor’.

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Addictions are stern task-masters. They demand total obedience and are relentless in driving people away from all that God has planned for them. Luke Selway, the founder of Inside Out, recovered from very serious addictions himself, not by anything he did but by God taking away his addictions from the inside out! Luke’s motivation is to see others delivered from the strongholds of addiction by working through a model of recovery that God has given him. In this Luke is very much a pioneer and his methods are being honed with a three-year medical degree course at Hull University he is currently undertaking, all run alongside this work. Add to that a young family and you can see why we love Luke’s obedience to the call on his life to help bring people out of these harmful lifestyles. We can only see Luke and Inside Out having a greater and greater impact as these methods continue to prove that only real, deep and lasting change can come through exposure to Christ’s love from the inside out!


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