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"We believe it is a great privilege to help people experiencing homelessness by providing hope where they often feel there is no hope. "
Helen Syrop, Founder and Manager


Hope Housing aims to reduce homelessness through providing homes and emergency accommodation in volunteers homes. Currently we have 3 properties which Green Pastures and other housing associations allow us to use. We have partnered with local churches near the houses and they provide volunteers to support tenants who have previously been homeless. We also have a team of Christian volunteers across Bradford who have been trained up to have a homeless person come and stay in their spare room for the night. Hope Housing then work with the guests the next day to help them find suitable longer term accommodation. Hope Housing works with anyone who finds themselves homeless or rough sleeping in Bradford. However the aim of the project has always been to cover gaps in service provision. With this in mind we have specialised in our work with Central and Eastern European migrants.

Achieved to date

We have 17 bed spaces for single homeless people in Bradford.  We have single properties and shared houses to house both male and females. We have housed 1,400 people since we started 10 years ago.

Why do we do this?

We do this because everyone needs and deserves a place that they can call home. The ethos of Hope Housing Bradford is to end homelessness in Bradford which is what Jesus wants us to do. When he calls he equips and we have been so blessed in our now 10 year plus journey. We are on our way to achieving the ending of homelessness in the City but much is still to be done!

Future plans

We aim to end rough sleeping and homelessness in Bradford in the next 5 years.  A difficult task, - but with God all things are possible!

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Helen is one of the most inspirational people you will ever meet. Starting by housing people in her home she began Hope Housing from the most modest of beginnings. Since its inception in 2009 Hope Housing has grown rapidly, shrunk, and is now growing rapidly again. With events beyond her control taking over in 2017 Hope Housing could have folded but Helen’s complete and utter reliance on God, and her own dogged determination not to give in was incredible for us to behold. We awarded her an ‘overcoming adversity’ award at our 2017 partner conference as a thank you for her fortitude. Getting her through all of this was also her huge heart for the homeless. She will not rest until homelessness is a thing of Bradford’s past. We celebrate all that she has achieved, and with new funding streams opening up to Hope Housing we can only see the next 10 years being a time of rapid growth as they rise to the many challenges of the poor and marginalised in a big city like Bradford. Helen is also quietly building up an impressive team of similar-minded Christians not afraid to roll up their sleeves and get stuck in!


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