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"Our mission is to offer a home and friendship, with appropriate support to vulnerable and excluded people who either have been, or are at risk of sleeping rough and homelessness."
Gary Stretton, Service Manager


Restoration House would be our approach to living life without the need to escape into addiction. The overall aim of Restoration House will be to offer recovery and a phased housing model, with our current housing stock, to people with complex needs and those who are genuinely wanting recovery. We would to be able to create a person-centred approach treating all aspects of the causes and consequences of homelessness and addiction, as well as offering spiritual welfare. Green Pastures will be helping us identify and purchase a property that will enable us to deliver our Restoration House recovery home.

Why We Do This

To see lives transformed and allow people time to heal and become the people God created them to be. At Homes of Hope, we recognise that people cannot fully let go of their pasts without acceptance of Jesus Christ into their lives and without accepting that they are loved and forgiven. Psalm 68 v 6 tells us that God places the lonely in families and our experience is that people need to belong before they behave.

Achieved To Date

We have provided support for many residents over the years, supporting them to recover from addiction, establish healthy relationships, re-build families, access education and training, find work and learn new life skills. Successful challenge of the Local Authorities policy allowing only people who were in commissioned supported housing, preference on the social housing register. As a result of our successful challenge, Homes of Hope residents and other faith based supported housing providers in Manchester are now also allowed the same preference.

Future Plans

Within the next 5 years we aim to increase our portfolio of houses to 8. We will be looking to invest into further staffing resources, enabling us to support more people, and open a house for women in 2022. We recognise that one of the biggest areas of need for our residents is to have a work activity during their stay with us. Our hope is to start a social enterprise, or community interest company that will be in a position to offer work on admittance to our project.

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Homes of Hope are providing an outstanding service to their local community and we can't wait to open their first Green Pastures house with them. We are so impressed by their care and passion for their residents and it is a pure joy to work alongside Gary and the team in planning for the future! We are looking forward to supporting them in continued growth and to see them transform lives for the glory of God. We have no doubt they will play a pivotal role in ending homelessness in the UK!


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