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"The Greenhouse Project is a Christian vision inspired by loving others and loving God."
Fiona Spicer, Director


Greenhouse Community Project (GCP) is an independent UK based Christian Organisation (CIC) for people and families affected by the hardships that lead to social exclusion, especially homelessness, drug and alcohol abuse, long term unemployment, interim care, domestic abuse.

Achieved to date

As well as the main Green Pastures house, we have a number of satellite houses, so we can move residents around, especially when they have a blip. We eat together, pray together and work together in a shop, where we sell art and craft that have been locally made. This provides a great volunteering opportunity for the members of the community.

Why we do this‍

We are driven by our Christian faith which compels us to look after the broken, bind up the broken hearted and offer hope. We put the gospel of Jesus into action by showing unconditional love to residents who have had a tough time.

Future plans‍

We need to buy our own premises to house the shop and hopefully some more bed-spaces.

green pastures review

Fiona is a total inspiration. Quite simply, the residents tell us that she shows them the love of Jesus in the way she offers unconditional love. We admire the balance Fiona has found between grace and truth. The grace that gives residents a chance when they slip up and the truth that instils firm boundaries. We love the way the residents eat together and how the evening meal because a place of sanctuary for former residents and anyone else in need of friendship. Every day begins with a check in and prayer requests. This helps residents keep on track and places Jesus at the centre of the Greenhouse community. We think the name sums up the ethos of the project, where God is nurturing back to full health and strength some of his plants that have been damaged by life’s storms.


Fiona Spicer




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