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GP Sunderland operate a three bedroom house directly. This supported accommodation houses men who were previously homeless. One of the greatest needs that we aim to meet, is a place of calm and personal growth for those exiting addictions or an offending lifestyle. We will work with local churches, charities and support agencies to give our residents a high quality, caring, personalised support experience.

Achieved To Date

This project has had an amazing start. More details to follow.

Why We Do This

Together with local churches we had identified that there was a great need in Sunderland for high quality supported accommodation that enabled people to become the person they were supposed to be - exiting the cycle of homelessness forever. We found that a large number of adults are sofa surfing in Sunderland or stuck in a cycle of staying in temporary accommodation without access to help to improve mental health, stay free from addiction or offending behaviours, or get into training or employment after long periods of sickness or instability.

Future Plans

This project is new and unfolding, more details to follow.

green pastures review

GP started in 1999 by providing homes and support directly to those in need in Southport. Over time we acquired over 300 bedspaces there and were able to provide sufficient to house everyone who needed it. After a few years, we began to release other organisations to be able to provide homes and support to people in need in their areas with our help. After a decade of growing and developing partnerships all over the country, we challenged ourselves to begin considering if we could repeat what we did in Southport in other towns, where we don’t have a partner or the need is too great for one partner. The Green Pastures Sunderland house established in 2021 is running with the vision to continue to house and support the most marginalised - with the support of the local community and local churches as much as possible. Our vision is to see the local church take new strides in caring for the homeless in their area through building awareness, training and volunteering opportunities that will enable them to consider running or expanding their own ministries.


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