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"Today we provide homes and support for 385 people in Southport and it’s a delight to know there is no need for anyone in our town to sleep rough. We are not a large or wealthy church and simply try and step out in faith humbly and do our best to show God's love, seeing lives improved continually."
Becky Cunningham, Manager


Back in 1999 a young family appeared on the steps of Shoreline Church asking for somewhere to live. God spoke to the hearts of our founders, challenging them with the example of the Good Samaritan, who reached into his own pocket to pay for the injured man’s treatment. As a result, they reached into their own pockets, purchasing two flats in order to provide this family with the accommodation they desperately needed. Green Pastures was born. In the twenty years that we have been running we’ve seen many lives changed; with addicts being freed from their addictions, unemployed people finding work and lost people being found. God’s grace, love and provision has been evident throughout all that we have done, and it is by His will that we work.

Achieved to date

There have been many highlights of our work over the years! One of our proudest moments has been that, in 2006, we were able to celebrate the end of homelessness in Southport there was now a bed available for every person who wanted one. Of course, there are still people who live on the streets, but there is a space for them if they would like it. It was fantastic to have played a part in the journey towards this point, and we thank God that he provided us with the opportunity to do so. Considering where we began, with only a few properties, we count it as a great achievement that we are now able to house over 380 tenants, and we are grateful to have been involved in seeing Green Pastures reach over 1000 people housed nationwide. Over the years we have had the privilege of being able to pray with many people as they have given their lives to Jesus. It has been incredible to see the transformation that this has brought in the tenants lives, and this is the ultimate achievement that we aim for!

Why we do this

We want to see homelessness put to an end, and we believe that the best way to do this is to have it come out of the work and the Word of God. We are driven by a compassion and a love for those we serve that is born out of the compassion and love that God has for each of us. We long to see broken people restored and given a second chance to live a fuller life. We long to support our tenants through whatever challenges they are currently facing. We long to provide people with a roof over their heads and a place in which they can feel safe. We love to see our tenants’ lives transformed in drastic ways. We love the small victories that they achieve in their day-to-day lives. We love the privilege of being able to walk alongside them when they’re in pain.

Future Plans

We want to play our role in supporting Green Pastures’ national five-year plan to double our number of tenants to two thousand. In pursuit of this we will continue to expand, as well as work to find those most in need and provide them with a home. We aim to make Jesus’ name known by each and every one of our tenants, through creative methods that are tailored to each individual. We are currently exploring some exciting avenues such as providing courses to free people from addiction and putting on a midweek Church service (that allows pets!). Ultimately, we want to keep innovating to create more and more opportunities to bring our tenants into the presence of God!

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It’s been great to see this ministry grow and be a blessing to 1000’s of people for 2 decades and is testament to what obedience, faith, hard work and determination can accomplish. It’s unlikely GP Southport will add many more bed spaces as there is sufficient capacity in the town for anyone who needs a bed to have one provided. It’s a blessing to see people’s lives changed and for the team to continue to look at ways of improving i.e.: in 2019 a street sweep commenced involving intentionally walking around Southport looking for homeless people to give a set of keys to their own home there and then.


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