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We see miracles every day. The miracle in a smile, another day without using drugs, the change of an attitude, the learning of new skills, a clean room and family restoration.
Sonia Robinson, Project Coordinator


GP Derby is 24/7 staffed, a dry house meaning no one can drink in or out of the project and each person must access the support provided.  Having seen the importance of training, education, voluntary work and recreation in the process of recovery we developed the Ten Hours Plus initiative. This means that every resident must engage in a minimum ten hours of work, training, voluntary or recreational activities per week. Those activities are provided either by Green Pastures, in house, or through networking and partnership with local organisations. We also provide in house groups that deal with the underlying issues at the heart of addiction such as the Freedom in Christ program. We have a simple structure that has brought stability, hope and change to many residents over the years with encouraging stories of residents that have managed to turn their lives around.

Achieved to date

We make a lifelong commitment to each person. Many residents have progressed to becoming mentors, voluntary workers and others have gone back into full time education or back into the workplace. Some are now working in the supported housing sector. Amid ever-increasing homeless statistics Green Pastures is showing to a world today that there is hope, there is a way out.

Why we do this

Green Pastures doesn’t just house the homeless but helps the homeless. Creating homes that bring hope, dignity and self-worth along with opportunities for change and transformation. We believe in giving people a chance to build and improve their lives and that nobody should be left behind in having that opportunity. Ultimately, our source of meaning is from God. We believe that God cares for and loves each individual and wants them to have a better life and to find him. We have been blessed to see many people come to know God during their time with us and this gives us the energy and the motivation to keep going!

Future Plans

Homelessness brings its own complexities with those that have become homeless needing different pathways and routes towards change. The larger 28 project meets a certain need but move on homes, training and education facilities, detox and rehabilitation centres, night shelters and worker homes, all available to both male and females, are needed and will be at the heart of any future growth.

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GP started in 1999 by providing homes and support directly to those in need. After a few years, we began to release other organisations to be able to provide homes and support to people in need in their areas. Once we had over 300 beds of accommodation in Southport alone and had sufficient accommodation to help all who needed it we slowed down increasing the number of people we help direct. In 2017 after over a decade of partner growth we challenged ourselves to begin considering if we could repeat what we did in Southport in other towns where we don’t have a partner or the need is too great for one partner. After looking at many potential buildings in a number of towns we stopped looking when we came across this property in Derby. The council were supportive and the property was purpose built. The building needed some love, just as the residents it would provide a home to. Steps of faith, good stewardship and hard work found the project, got it started and keeps it running with continual success. The team on site is amazing and we look forward to many testimonies and growing move on accommodation over many years to come.


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