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"Goshen Home has definitely made me a better person. I now see my son more regularly and I'm having my relationships being gradually restored"
JW, Resident, Goshen Home


Goshen Home offers a supportive community to single men, helping them to get back on their feet. Potential residents may be referred for consideration if they match the resident profile: single 'low risk' adult male, formerly homeless or vulnerably housed, who are able to show evidence that they are actively pursuing positive life changing choices.

Achieved to date

Purchase of our property was completed in November last year and our first residents moved in January this year. We now have four residents, the most recent moved in this May. One of our residents has signed up and is commencing a course in Horticulture this month. It's still early days, but it is exciting and looking very promising. We await approval of our HMO Licence application to take in a fifth resident.

Why we do this

We love Jesus. We believe each human being is worth it. We feel privileged to play a role in giving someone another chance in life

Future Plans

We are greatly encouraged by the response so far. Our current project is for just 5 bed spaces. We hope to be able to expand this is the near future until we achieve the overall vision of Green Pastures, which is to End Homelessness in the UK.

green pastures review

Abs has put together a great team representing a number of churches in Plymouth, including his own RCCG Overcomers House, Plymouth Vineyard Church, St Judes and New Life Church. Their sustained interest in the residents and the support they offer is greatly appreciated. We love the way they were able to accommodate a resident from another Green Pastures partner. He is now able to have contact with his son and still be within a caring Christian community he values so much. Abs got to grips with the paperwork very quickly and attended to all the compliance issues which led to the HMO licence being granted. A steep learning curve, but it has been a privilege and a delight to work together with him to get Goshen home up and running.


Pastor Abayomi Fayose




33 Wilton Street, Plymouth, PL1 5LU




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Mar 2018