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Over many years we have experienced various individuals in contact with our church, some of whom are Christians, in need of housing support following a period of rehab (usually residential). We would love to have a safe and supportive community to house and home people. In addition to this we would like to further opportunities to help through the variety of contacts we have with people and organisations working in the field of support to those who are or at risk of homelessness.

Achieved To Date

Some of us have offered spare rooms for a period which has had some limited help. We are also a church whom God has blessed with a ministry to struggling and vulnerable people with extra support needs, including the constant risk of homelessness if failure occurs.

Why We Do This

Our heart is to find a sustainable, supportive, and clearly Christian, provision for those who are struggling to escape the cycle of homelessness. We are a fellowship rooted in a predominately local authority housing estate and adjacent to 2 larger estates, we are committed to do all we can. We have much to offer in Practical and emotional support, especially to families that need rehousing.

Future Plans

We can't wait to find our first property and be salt and light in the community which God has called us to.

green pastures review

Gendros Baptist Church are an exceptional church with an outward focus and care for the community. We are so impressed by their care and passion and it is a pure joy to work alongside the team in planning for the future! We are looking forward to supporting them in continued growth and to see them transform lives for the glory of God. We have no doubt they will play a pivotal role in ending homelessness in the UK!


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