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"We to help people make long term changes. It’s based on a community environment where guys can tackle the issues that lead to their homelessness, re-establish themselves, and rebuild their lives."
Rob Liddiard, Housing Manager


Friends First is a charity that aims to equip and empower people who are homeless, socially isolated or long-term unemployed, into supported training/ employment/ education and housing. The Charity began in the early 1990’s, with a group of volunteers delivering soup and sandwiches to men and women who were sleeping on the streets of Brighton. The project quickly developed into a weekly drop-in at a local church building. In 2002 Friends First became a registered charity and started running a Supported House which offered a therapeutic community model for its residents all who had been previously homeless, or experiencing social isolation.

Achieved to date

We are delighted to be able to share with you highlights of our journey of success achieved in 2018/19.  Over the past year we have supported 32 trainees to become work-ready and 16 are in full or part time employment. Within the last few months we have seen 9 of our trainees graduate from the programme.

Why we do this

Friends First offer a unique opportunity to those in need of a ‘hand up’ who are motivated and willing to work hard in order to achieve lasting, positive change in their lives. Each trainee has open access to Friends First support, on average engaging with us for 6.4 months. For those who would have struggled to start work because of temporary housing, we provide low-cost, supported accommodation for up to two years. This enables referrals to fully engage with the next stage of their lives, working towards a more stable and successful future.

Future plans

Due to the success of trainees graduating, it has enabled us to take on new referrals and hope to be able to offer them places within our GP house. We are actively seeking to fill our accommodation, offering the support our trainees may wish to take up. This year we aim to work with between 30 - 40 people.

green pastures review

Friends First have been - and are still - a wonderful partner for Green Pastures. As one of our earliest partnerships their work is characterised by solid commitment and compassion for the people they are housing. The team work with their residents to bring stability and the rock-like love of Jesus into their lives. Rob Liddiard, their project co-ordinator, is a joy to work with and he trains and oversees a team of volunteer mentors who are reliable and skilled at bringing insight and support where it is needed. Their relationship with the residents (a single parent family) is warm and responsive and there is a deep appreciation for the difference that the home and the team have made to their lives. 

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