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"The Courts in North Devon could not operate as effectively without the work and underpinning services of The Freedom Centre."
Heleen Lindsay-Finn, Devon's High Sheriff


Here at FCA we deliver a range of projects across North Devon that supports over 1200 vulnerable people each year. We have 3 different strands to our supported housing model. These are: Housing for homeless men straight from the street. 24 beds across 6 properties; Drug / Alcohol Treatment in the form of a Therapeutic Community. 13 Beds from 1 property on Exmoor; Recovery focussed, move on accommodation from the therapeutic community. 19 beds across 5 properties.

Achievements to date

At any single point in time we have up to 32 men across our accommodation who are overcoming a life of addiction and learning to live drug / alcohol free. Many of these go through a process of reconciliation with family and loved ones and learn that forgiveness is part of the healing process of recovery. We also introduce them to a Spiritual solution centred around the love of Jesus and many come to faith through this approach.      

Why We Do This

The strapline for everything we do is “Demonstrating the heart and love of God”. This is outworked each day through our open access Day Centre where we provide access to meals, clothing, showers and a range of support services. In addition, we know God has called us to set the captives free. Addiction is a devastating disease and we are motivated by the compassion and love of Jesus to help people overcome their addiction through our work at the Therapeutic Community and move on accommodation.

Future Plans

Having undergone considerable growth and expansion in recent years we are now at a stage of consolidation and making sure everything is in place to sustain this work. As a team, which includes, Management, Staff and Trustees we are actively seeking God regarding his future plans for us.

green pastures review

It is a real privilege to serve the FCA vision by providing move-on housing for graduates of their therapeutic community. Living in recovery after rehab requires a strong supported community which FCA successfully provide. Their on-going support and accountable environment for residents is second to none and their house health and safety certification has always been up to date. CEO Phil Noall has fostered a great team environment within their supported housing. His Christian faith is at the heart of all he does and his contagious compassion for those in need sets the whole tone and culture for their ministry. We love the fact that their church provides a place of worship for the therapeutic community and we celebrate every baptism with them. The level of engagement FCA make with their local council on homelessness and accommodation provision is a model for our other partnerships. We love how this partnership continues to grow.


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