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“I’m happy that I have a place I can have my privacy, unlike in the prison that anybody can just open your door anytime but now I have a key to my own room and I can go in and out whenever I like without being afraid that somebody can just come in anytime. There's nothing like freedom. Thank you for giving me a chance to have my life back.”
J. Ward, Resident


Barnabas House is a project under Extending Grace Charity, in Gravesend, Kent. We help to relieve the immediate suffering of the homeless in our community, we provide opportunities for better life; not just to provide homes for homeless, but also support their emotional, physical and employability needs for them to make a smooth transition to independent living. We currently have 8 bed spaces across two houses.

Achieved to date  

We have had 120 applications received so far and we’ve been able to house 26 to date. We have supported 4 to recover and moved to independent living, out of which two have gained employment. We currently have three of our current residents volunteering within the community and we continue to share the word and praying with them.

Why we do this

We are a Church group that support a lot of families in our community and Barnabas House was started in order to further support the under privileged beneficiaries with the aim to relieve poverty and help them achieve a better life as God originally intended for them.

Future plans

Our aim is to continue to expand until we see Gravesham streets become free of homelessness.

green pastures review

We have been working with Extending Grace now since 2017. This team is headed up by Janet Olanrewaju. Janet has such great passion to keep moving onto the next property because the sense of urgency that she has to house and care for the homeless is exceptional. Janet is also a Pastor of a church and is constantly meeting people in need. Once one house is settled down and working well, she’s moving on to proposing the next property for purchase. Their passion to see lives changed is second to none and we count it a joy and a privilege to be involved with Extending Grace and that is exactly what they do. They continue to extend grace, month by month and property by property. Extending Grace also have an international ministry of care and provision and we are excited about the work they do oversees to impact the poor.


Janet Olanrewaju


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