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"Our supported housing project is still in its early stages. It has provided necessary move on supported housing in this area, which was limited before."
Abi McGuire, Housing Team Leader


Evergreen House provides supported accommodation for 4 people in the Mendip area. We have some wonderful volunteers attached to the project providing ongoing support for the residents. Evergreen House is part of the wider Connect team who aim to support people out of homelessness and into their own sustainable housing.

Achievements to date

We have successfully moved on 3 people into their own tenancies in the first year of opening Evergreen House which we are immensely proud of. We have made home improvements through decorating and furnishing the property and we have tried to cultivate a homely environment where the residents adopt our value of we all have something we can give and we all have something we need.

Why we do this

Connect Elim is about participating in community life. We all have something we can give and we all have something we need. More than a community project or weekly church event, Connect Elim is about the discovery of hope, meaning and strength through the connecting our lives.

Future plans

We would like to convert the garage into a 5th bedroom in the coming year and we would like to try and obtain funding for an employed support member of staff working in Evergreen House.

green pastures review

We are thrilled to be able to buy a property for the Elim Connect church to use as move-on accommodation from their ‘Diary House’ project for people struggling with addiction. We love the way Abi is bringing a professional approach to housing management without losing sight of the compassion at the heart of this powerful ministry. She already has plans to utilise the full potential of the property and it is wonderful to see this project begin to thrive. We love the way residents can volunteer at the Connect Centre in a variety of ways. This drop in provides a vital life-line to rough sleepers and residents, some of whom are former rough sleepers, are able to feel they are giving something back to folk a little bit further back down the road to them. What a huge privilege it is to serve this amazing ministry, fully support by the church leader, Stephen Fowler and all his team.




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