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Our vision is for a community where vulnerable and deprived people thrive. Our mission is to enable disadvantaged people to live independent and fulfilled lives. We support individuals to overcome the immediate challenges of homelessness, addiction, food poverty and isolation; then we empower them to make positive life choices that lead to improved health, housing, employment and active participation the local community. This support may be practical, helping someone find housing or food, a listening ear and a community of support, or help navigating through a difficult situation.

Achieved to date

Encompass run multiple projects of which the Green Pastures house is only one. The Sanctuary Night Shelter is a 6 bed emergency direct access facility for homeless people with the aim of moving those people on into more permanent accommodation, as well as supporting them with benefits, counselling and food. In 2018 the night shelter provided over 100 individuals with accommodation and 50% were supported into housing. The Food Bank project that is a crisis support facility to provide food and toiletries to those most in need when a crisis hits. In 2018 the food bank distributed nearly 800 parcels. A drop in café, Corner-field Café, which provides low cost breakfast and an opportunity to socialise and build a supportive community. In 2018, the café provided over 1500 breakfasts, as well as more social support, teas and coffees, cake and a community. Lastly, incorporating the Green Pastures house, is the substance abuse rehabilitation programme. This is comprised of a 6-month residential phase (Recovery House) and a 12-month aftercare phase including move on accommodation, comprising of two houses. Green Pastures partnership helps ENFG provide stable move on accommodation for those leaving the residential project allowing them to re-enter the wider community whilst maintaining their recovery network which supports their own recovery. The residential phase has a 71% success rate and in 2018 it supported 20 individuals. The charity also runs Christians AgainstPoverty money courses and provides volunteering opportunities for those looking to get back into work or re-enter the community.

Why we do this

Some people are experiencing growing poverty and the proportion of children and pensioners in relative low income is higher than it was five years ago.Statistics by local authority area, published by End Child Poverty, indicate that in the period July to September 2017, 18.5% of children in East Northants are living in poverty after housing costs are considered. The experience of Encompass confirms this. In 2018 there was a 20% increase in the numbers of families seeking food parcels and a 120% increase in the overall numbers of new food bank clients. We want to live our Christian values through action and encourage and inspire those in the local community and churches to come together in partnership to help those in need. We want to build a community and network of support and services across the area.

Future Plans

Future plans include ensuring we continue to help people overcome immediate challenges of homelessness, addiction, food poverty and isolation. To empower more people to make positive life choices leading to improved health and wellbeing, housing, employability and active participation in the community. To ensure Encompass have adequate financial resources and operates in a financially sustainable manner.To build organisational capacity for future growth. The next three years provide an opportunity to extend our residential rehabilitation facility, create a support group for those awaiting recovery, increase the capacity of our night shelter, including longer term facilities, open a day centre and provide more training and support with life skills, creating more volunteer roles for service users.

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This partnership has had a big impact in the East Midlands since we started our partnership in 2012. We have always enjoyed working with with Encompass which is closely connected to Rushden Full Gospel Church. Mark Lees and the team were instrumental in the setting up of this partnership and have since moved on to become missionaries with WEC International. This partnership has been one that has never lacked passion to impact people’s lives and the journey has been very efficient and we have not faced any significant challenges that we have not been able to overcome. We look forward to developing future projects with Encompass in the years ahead.


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