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Brighter Futures work heavily with complex mental health issues and a Care Plan from Social Services. We provide specialist support supervision as some of our residents require this type of support due to their sometimes complex mental health conditions and, currently in-place, care plans. We strive to give our service users the support and stability they need to acquire new skills and patterns of behaviour to steadily ready them for independent living.

Achieved To Date

We have completed on our first Green Pastures property and we are excited to help as many people as we can.

Why We Do This

At Brighter Futures, we do more than just house people: we provide support, we teach, we advise, we challenge behaviour, and we connect people with any additional support they need to tackle other issues in their lives. We equip each individual with the skills, attitude and self-belief they need to live a successful independent life in the local community.

Future Plans

We encourage people to engage with the local community so that they build confidence in themselves and the environment in which they will live and ultimately contribute in the future. We are committed to transforming people’s lives and transforming outcomes for our local communities.

green pastures review

Brighter Futures are an exceptional charity with an outward focus and care for the community. We are so impressed by their care and passion and it is a pure joy to work alongside Imran and the team in planning for the future! We are looking forward to supporting them in continued growth and to see them transform lives for the glory of God. We have no doubt they will play a pivotal role in ending homelessness in the UK!


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