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“The Boaz Trust aims to end destitution amongst people who are seeking sanctuary here in the UK. By providing a safe place to stay in our housing, we are able to support people to move out of destitution and forward with their lives.”
Tim Emerton, Fundraiser


The Boaz Trust is the largest specialist provider of safe accommodation and holistic support for destitute refused asylum seekers and refugees in Greater Manchester. We provide holistic one to one support tailored to the needs of each individual we accommodate. All our work is designed to help individuals recover from destitution and work towards a resolution of the situation that made them homeless.

Achieved to date

Boaz Trust was founded in 2004 to address the needs of the growing numbers of destitute asylum seekers in Greater Manchester, whose asylum cases had been refused and who had nowhere to turn to for help. Beginning as a hosting scheme, the Boaz Trust’s model of providing both safe accommodation and holistic support has grown and developed through 15 years of practice in our community, and has proven effective in supporting hundreds of people to move forward with their lives.

Why we want to do this

In Greater Manchester there are high numbers of refused asylum seekers and refugees facing destitution and homelessness. To respond to this, the Boaz Trust provides safe accommodation to refused asylum seekers and refugees who find themselves homeless. This safe accommodation relieves destitution and offers an essential foundation for our clients to access the holistic and tailored support needed in order to escape destitution and move forward with their lives.

Future Plans

The demand for our service continues to grow; there are over 180 people on our waiting list for accommodation, and our night shelter was consistently full throughout last winter. In the coming year we hope to take on additional properties, grow our network of hosts and continue to develop the package of support we are able to offer to our clients.

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Can you imagine being homeless? Thankfully, most of us will not have experienced having no home. Imagine how much worse it must be being homeless in a country where you do not understand the culture and its systems, where you have no money and you are unable to work to support yourself. Sadly, this is s a situation many people can find themselves in having come to the UK seeking asylum, but having had their application turned down. For 15 years Boaz, has been serving destitute asylum seekers and refugees across Manchester, through the provision of accommodation and support. Genuinely serving our most vulnerable brothers and sisters, as Jesus Christ did, is at the very heart of everything that Boaz does.



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