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“I have been seriously impressed with the determination and commitment of Darren Armstrong and his colleagues to turn around the lives of people affected by drink, drugs and patterns of offending and improve their chances and quality of life."
George Almond CBE, DL. High Sheriff of Greater Manchester


Be Strong is a project and registered charity with a strong Christian ethos, borne out of a passionate belief that a structured programme of supervised physical training and mentoring support can offer drug addicts and habitual offenders the opportunity to take active control of their lifestyle to improve their lives and add value to society. Be Strong build on positive aspects of health and wellbeing to remedy project participant's psychological and interpersonal issues via personal development workshops delivered simultaneously with physical training.

Achieved to Date

We give guys out of prison so they don't get back to the mire of living with people who are using drugs and still committing crime. We give them an opportunity to live, work and train in a safe environment a holistic approach to get their lives back on track, getting their relationships with their parents, families, children back on track. It's all about helping them to become valuable to the community.

Why we do this

The reason it was set up was because the founder, Darren Armstrong experienced homelessness at 14 with a life of drugs, crime and prison until 28 when he went to church and his life turned around. He turned away from bad influences, went back to college and then completed his degree. He has been through all the things that the men he works with have been through and he has the experience and the knowledge to help others turn their lives around for the better.

Future Plans

To remain sustainable and continue to help more men to turn their lives around.

green pastures review

What a tremendous asset Be- Strong is to the Bolton Community. Be- Strong is charity with a strong Christian ethos, set up by Darren Armstrong, who having been homeless, addicted to drugs, into crime and in and out of prison, was restored by the grace of God and able to become the wonderful unique and inspirational person that he is today. Having been in chaos and lived through the madness of substance misuse, Darren was determined to do something to help those who are in this situation and through his determination Be – Strong was born in 2011. Through a unique programme of physical training, mentoring, personal development and employment training, Be -Strong is making a great difference, people who had no hope are having this restored and seeing a future that does not involve drugs, a revolving prison door and homelessness. How great it is to see people getting their lives back and moving forward hope.


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