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Beacon Housing is the housing arm of Beacon Church Havant. We recognise the need for housing in our local area and see the issues of homelessness for young men. Out of our faith in a loving God we want to do something to help these individuals. We have volunteers who will build relationships with the residents in order to help them to build skills and grow in confidence. Our team provide help with finding employment, budgeting, benefits, life skills and much more. We aren't going to be limited by what we think we can do, but rather are going to be freed into what God tells us we can do, through him!

Achieved to Date

We currently have a 4-bed property in Havant where we are providing housing to our residents alongside the services mentioned above. We have seen great progress in our residents so far and are excited to see what the future holds for them, and our organisation as a whole.

Why We do this

At the core of what we do is our faith in the all-loving God! We want to serve the young men affected by homelessness in our communities out of an understanding of the love and value that God places in them.

Future Plans

We can't wait to continue to grow and be able to provide more homes for more individuals affected by homelessness. We aim to see the end of homelessness in our country!

green pastures review

Beacon Church is an amazing new project targeting specifically young people. Simon and Ann Waters vision started with them accommodating young people in their own home and now, in partnership with Christians thought the area, they have been able to set up this first property to house young people in difficulties. Beacon’s vision is huge and the need is great. It is a privilege to work alongside them at this moment while they work to house and care for young people who are struggling with housing issues, confidence and self esteem. We look forward to the years ahead and we are already amazed at the testimonies that are starting to come in.


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