Why you should always pay attention to your dreams

December 14, 2022
6:00 am

Have you ever had a dream that was prophetic?

One of our Partnership managers is very prophetic, in the most normal and natural way. It’s beautiful. She has so many stories of when she's acted on dreams or revelations and God opens up doors and things become fruitful in the most surprising way. Just this week she acted on a dream, by making a phone call she wouldn't have usually made and things start to flow more easily. 

Dreams from God were recorded in the Bible several times.

In the Christmas story alone, Joseph had a couple of dreams. One was to give him courage to marry Mary. Another was to warn him to flee to save baby Jesus’ life. They both required action on his part to take them seriously and to do something that didn’t feel natural to him. Imagine if he just thought it was the cheese he had eaten and ignored it.

What if we spent more time paying attention to, listening for and seeking after the prophetic voice of God and leaning less on our own understanding? 

Try it out this week and see if your path forwards becomes smoother. Let us know what happens!