Property Completion in Louth

March 12, 2021
9:00 am

What a story!

A fabulous new partner, Kings Church have been leasing this three storey, Grade II, property for 15 years as their church building and providing homes and support in the 6 self-contained flats on the third floor. The owner wanted to sell the property so the church began trying to raise the money to purchase in 2017. After the church failed to raise the funds for 4 years, the owner could not wait any longer and put the property in an online auction in Nov 2020 to run for three months.

In December 2020 Kings Church contacted Green Pastures to see if we could help and we did! The purchase literally went to the last second, after having only one low bid for three months, two bidders began to bid in the final minutes of the auction against us. We won with our final highest bid to save this church and homeless facility. Now Kings Church can look forward to another 15 years and beyond without fear of the owner selling up!

Praise God for partnership in the Kingdom!