June 3, 2019
9:00 am

The Pride of GP Spring 2019 Award winner has asked to be anonymous, however we would love to share his nomination story with you, as written by the Green Pastures partner who supports him.

"Tyrone (name changed) is one of our clients with Refugee status. As that suggests, he has overcome a lot, just to be here, and he brims with resilience and tenacity. Tyrone is one of the most focused, determined and hardworking people I've come across, ever (including in my current role with Boaz, but also having almost 15 years of teaching experience prior to that). Tyrone currently works a full-time job at the hospital and then, several nights a week, works a second job, into the early hours of the morning. He does this because he wants to be able to support his two children (who are here) and his elderly mother (who is back home and whom Tyrone took the initiative and successfully found; she is one of few surviving family members). Tyrone has also been able to stabilize his health since moving into a Boaz house, because the stability it has proved as a base for tackling life has proved invaluable. Tyrone is also a committed member of his church, having a close relationship with his priest. His faith and his general passion for life help support him as his continually seeks to improve himself and his life, despite the numerous challenges he continues to face."