Our response to the crisis in Ukraine

April 15, 2022
9:07 am

A question so many of us have asked ourselves watching news reports from Ukraine in recent weeks is, “what on earth can I do to help?”

For 25 years, Green Pastures has been empowering the Church to end homelessness in the UK and we recognise that God has just enlarged our remit. Across the UK, we have many different properties connected to local Churches dedicated to providing a home and wrap-around support for some of the most marginalised people in our society. 

Last week, we visited the Ukraine border with Romania and Moldova to better understand the situation on the ground. Siret (Romania / Ukraine border) was eerily quiet given the chaos of a few weeks ago with NGO’s we spoke to feeling this was the calm before, rather than after the storm.

We were told time and again that many refugees had little idea that going to the UK was an option but that many wanted to remain as close to Ukraine as possible, for now, in the hope they will be able to soon return.

It was incredible to see people coming from all over the World to help in any way they could. The best of humanity evident just miles from the horror of war, as the head of one refugee camp said “we’ve seen pain and miracles, at work side by side”. 

Green Pastures felt called by God to meet people at their point of need, to explain the compassion, support and love awaiting those who want to come to the UK. We are exploring how we can best respond to this crisis and if we can assist the safe passage of those wanting to come to the UK, to help them with the VISA process and to help them understand and navigate the society they are entering. We will provide as many housing options as we can for refugees fleeing the conflict in Ukraine.

Join us in praying that we and others would be able to comfort and support those who’ve experienced unimaginable trauma and have been torn away from family, friends and everything that was familiar to them.

Join us in praying that organisations like Green Pastures would continue to be beacons of hope, truth and love in the midst of darkness. Join us in praying for healing and peace in the hearts and minds of all those God brings us into contact with.