what is a social enterprise

Social Enterprises are like normal businesses, but with a twist. Like normal businesses, they make a profit, but they then use that profit to make a tangible, positive difference in the world. They are able to tackle social issues head on as they give back to the community and provide employment and training opportunities for those that are furthest from the labour market.
“Well done, good and faithful servant! You have been faithful with a few things; I will put you in charge of many things."
Matthew 25:21


Our primary goal is to end homelessness, and that starts with a roof over someone's head. But, it doesn't stop there and we recognise that in order to truly tackle to issue we need to provide our residents with a way out - a path to freedom and independence.

The training and employment opportunities provided by Social Enterprises allow residents to grow in confidence and gain skills that they can use in future work.

Our vision would be to see all of our Partners for whom a Social Enterprise would be beneficial equipped and empowered to get going and continue their residents' journeys of transformation.

“It's an amazing opportunity for guys to come and get into the structure of getting up in a morning and giving them a purpose for the day.

It moves people forward and gives them an opportunity to learn to be sufficient for themselves.”

Stephen Busteed
Link Logs, Vineyard Compassion

“I've learnt that if you put in the effort you can change your life. If we drink and take drugs, we just bury everything, we just make the situation worse.

But, if we put the effort in, the graft in, we realise what we're doing: we're not just doing this for ourselves, but for others too.”

Service User, Handcrafted


If you're one of our Partners and you'd like to get started on your very own Social Enterprise for your residents, please get in touch by emailing us at enterprise@greenpastures.net. We'll be more than happy to help you start your journey.

Every year we invest into Social Enterprises to help our Partner's get started, buy materials or provide training. To find out the grants available to you and to apply, please visit our Partner Grants page.

Take a look at some of the Enterprises that our Partners have started below to get inspired!



Link Logs is produced via Link+ which is a programme aimed at increasing employability, offered in a structured work placement two days per week in a supportive, mentor led environment. Link+ operates within a Social Enterprise setting. It gives people the opportunity to gain skills and expertise through participation in a working production line, producing wood kindling and blocks. Link logs produces seasoned and dried logs and kindling on site supporting people towards employment. Every purchase or donation helps support Vineyard Compassion projects that tackle food poverty, problem debt, unemployment and addiction.



Handcrafted Projects

Handcrafted was born out of a desire to see people who are disadvantaged due to crime, alcohol or substance abuse, unemployment, ill health or old age make a positive step and becoming active members of the community.

Providing tailored training opportunities to enable every individual to achieve their goals & helping disadvantaged people find their ideal job or start their own enterprises again.

Green Pastures have provided several grants to achieve these aims.



Hope Housing

Hope Housing is a Christian charity working with homeless people in Bradford. They provide a range of interventions and services including supported housing with the aim of eradicating homelessness in Bradford.They take a holistic approach to restoring the individual. Hope Housing celebrated their 10th anniversary in 2019 and calculated in that time they have helped over 1,000 people! They started this training workshop project with a grant from Green Pastures. Click to see more details.