currently being
housed by GP.
“A few years ago I had no sense of purpose, no reason to get up, I didn’t know any other way…” 

In 2009 Richard was housed by The Lighthouse, Green Pastures' partner in Rotherham. He arrived at the Lighthouse having lost 20 years to heroin and amphetamine abuse. He spent several years of living on the street and arrived with no shoes, no support network and no hope. Green Pastures housed Richard and The Lighthouse trained him in plumbing and electrical wiring. The Lighthouse has also trained him in brick laying and Richard has gained a license to operate a digger. Richard’s knowledge gained on drug awareness courses has helped him help others in his role as a mentor.“… I have learnt what it means to be a Christian and listened to good advice…” 

Your giving allows Green Pastures to continue developing social enterprises working with out 40+ partners around the UK. These partner businesses grow your investment by adding value to peoples lives and creating a financial return to Green Pastures. This is then reinvested to raise more people like Richard, who, when helped, have been empowered to help others. 

Today Richard mentors those who are in a similar situation that he found himself in two years ago and work to develop Green Pastures properties for the homeless. “… I am shocked at what I do now. I am on site looking after two lads who are training at college one day a week... Me!”

I came to Green Pastures in September 2011 at the age of 75, after fleeing my previous address in Skelmersdale due to fear of my immediate neighbours. I lived at my previous address for fourteen years and spent the first 10 very happily however for the last 4 years of my tenancy I lived almost as a recluse through fear of my neighbours that moved in.

I did not have the freedom I feel everyone should be entitled to and felt very intimidated by the arguing and shouting going on, and worst of all the dealing of drugs. I needed help to get out but feared retribution if I stood up and tried to do anything about it, which also prevented me from asking people for help.

One day I decided enough was enough and I left my residence with only the clothes on my back and headed back to where I came from, Scotland. It was not long until my daughter learnt of my whereabouts and situation and came to get me and brought me to her home town of Southport. She told me about Green Pastures as I needed a roof over my head where I could feel safe again and get back on my feet.

All of the staff were so good to me and found me a nice flat to live in right away. The Resident Support Officer, Isaac Caldwell helped me fill in all the paperwork and made phone calls with me to change my address and to set up my utilities etc... Not only that but he has also helped me sort all my previous affairs so that I can get a huge weight lifted off my shoulders. I feel so much better now knowing I am steady and happy again and knowing I have so much support from my family who live near by and also the unlimited support Green Pastures offer me. They really have helped me and stood up for me when I was incapable of doing so myself. 
When I arrived in Southport it became clear that the place I was going to move into was no longer available. I was very worried and with very little money I just walked around all night. In the morning I sat on my suitcase outside the housing /employment office waiting for it to open in the hope they could help me. While I was sitting there an employee from Green Pastures (on route to a social services meeting) passed by. She asked if I was ok and took time to listen while I explained my predicament.
The housing employees (whom she already knew) arrived to open their office and she told them if they could not help, to direct me to Green Pastures and she would see if Green Pastures could find anywhere for me. Even though I am 65 and in poor health the housing office could only offer me a list of hostels and the nearest one was at the other end of the borough 15 miles away.
I arrived at Green Pastures office about an hour later and was immediately made to feel welcome and given an interview / assessment. They took me to see a small flat they had available, which was ideal for my needs. Green Pastures have volunteers working for them who go out and collect donated furniture which they store for the needs of their residents.
That very afternoon with the help of Green Pastures I had signed my new tenancy agreement, completed the housing benefit forms and been signed up with the energy and utilities companies for my electricity and water supply. Before tea time, I was being driven with a van full of furniture, bed sofa, table and chairs, TV, bedding, towels, pans, and crockery, everything I needed to move into my new home. They even gave me a food parcel to start me off.
Without Green Pastures I would almost certainly have ended up in a hostel or even rough sleeping. They have been a constant support to me and nothing seems too much trouble. I believe my story shows that miracles do happen, for me, in the morning from sitting on a suit case homeless, to the evening time sitting in my own home with a nice cup of tea, it doesn't get much better then that. 
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