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Project Overview
Society Support CIC is a small but dedicated group of Christian people who work to help people in an empathic way, showing compassion when all seems lost and without hope.
Society Support support homeless and vulnerable people in a time of need by assisting with temporary housing, advice and practical support in seeking and acquiring suitable accommodation.
They started housing people in February 2016 and within their first year they were housing 11 people, and had acquired their own office space!

A dramatic testimony from their first year of operation;

Gheorghe moved into our first supported house in February 2016 after moving to the northwest from London. He moved to the Wigan area to get away from his past in London where he had developed a drug problem and had lost his job and accommodation as a result. In 2015 Things felt that bad for Gheorghe that he felt the only way to stop his problems was to take his own life which he attempted to do by drinking a substantial amount of antifreeze (this was all that was to hand at the time). Gheorghe was taken into hospital where the doctors later told after he came out of his coma, him he was only about an hour away from certain death but he didn't die he made a remarkable recovery, though not without some residual effects of the attempted suicide bid. Gheorghe spent a very brief time on the streets in Wigan where he met someone from The Brick Project who in turn referred Gheorghe to ourselves.

Gheorghe was the 2nd official person to move into the house in Atherton Street in February but the first of the two to actually work with us. During the many support sessions that were held with Gheorghe he would regularly ask "What have I done to deserve such kindness?" and state that he would one day repay what was being done for him. At each stage staff reassured him that God had a plan for his life which is why his suicide attempt failed to which Gheorghe agreed. Gheorghe would be reassured that he was worth more than the situation he was in and that he was and is a unique, invaluable and irreplaceable human being. He was also told that we would both pray with him and for him in his absence and that he would always be welcome at our church. Gheorghe has actually attended church a couple of times and has accepted prayer on more than one occasion. Gheorghe eventually moved out of the house in Atherton Street in August 2016 and into his own flat. He has since found employment in a double-glazing company and is enjoying his new life. Gheorghe still contacts ourselves occasionally to keep us updated on his progress. We give our Lord thanks and praise for the work He has done in Gheorghe's life and continue to pray that GOD will bless the work we are all doing with Green Pastures and those in need. As Jesus said in Matthew 25: " And the King shall answer and say unto them, Verily I say unto you, In as much as ye have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me."


Flat 1, 44 Bond Street,, WIGAN., UK, W7 1BT
Jason Moore 07841 538862

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