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Project Overview
Reed Construction & Developments Ltd has been a private landlord since 2006 and now owns and manages in excess of 70 properties. We are one of the few landlords in our area (and the only large landlord) who accept tenants on Housing Benefit (HB), in fact we don't discriminate on any issue regarding the tenants we accept, although we do make judgements regarding any potential tenant being able to meet the three golden rules:-

1. Be able to pay rent in full and on time.

2. Look after the property.

3. Be respectful to all neighbours.

Our properties are on the open market to rent however we have a significant number of tenants who come to us via the various organisations we have built relationships with - housing organisations, charities, councils, children’s centres to name a few.

Depending on the tenant’s needs we work with (and in conjunction with the above organisations as appropriate) them to help sort any problems they might have:-

1. Technical Landlord/Tenant issues.

2. Change in circumstance issues.

3. Housing Benefit issues.

4. General finances/benefit entitlement/food etc issues.

5. Furniture/appliances issues.

6. Health issues.

7. Just need a chat.

Our tenants and families fall into most walks of life from general main stream to other more needy/vulnerable people:-

1. Singles mums and their children.

2. Older single people because of divorce and break up of their relationships.

3. Widows and Widowers.

4. Young people from care situations.

5. People with learning difficulties.

6. Ex prisoners.

7. People with ex drug and alcohol issues.

8. People with health issues including mental health.

We have a very good proactive relationship with our local Housing Benefit administrators. Because of our reputation as a sensible caring landlord, we are able to talk directly to them, and sort out payment issues/changing to direct payment etc where appropriate, always involving the tenant in the process.

We are currently talking to the local church, Crediton Congregational Church, (who facilitate Crediton Food Bank) to see if they would like to get involved with their various community outreach programmes and offer further pastoral support.


3a (Parliament House) Parliament Street, Crediton, Devon, UK, EX127 2EY

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