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Project Overview
Holy Trinity Brompton’s partnership with Green Pastures is through the William Wilberforce Trust. The William Wilberforce Trust is a Christian charity working out of a church community in central London. The charity seeks to envision and equip the church community to reflect and pronounce God’s love and grace for the needy and marginalised by meeting the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of the individual and embracing them into the community.

The William Wilberforce Trust recognises the multiple and complex needs faced by vulnerable people in our community. It has developed a holistic set of ministries that meet these complex needs. These ministries fall broadly into two categories: firstly, services where we can ‘catch’ people who are in emergency situations and secondly, services that work with people to tackle the reasons behind the emergency, enabling individuals to rebuild their lives and restore self worth. The vision is for these ministries to be integrated within and delivered by the local church.

The Drop-in is one of these ministries. It began in 2008 and operates two days a week, serving the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of those who are homeless, living in hostels or on a low income. It provides a cafe, counselling services, help with housing and benefit claims, hairdressing and art therapy, all run by volunteers. The WWT also runs a night shelter two nights a week during the winter months. From these ministries we have made valuable links with Green Pastures and have two GP flats housing four men.

Linked in with this work is our Warehouse Project where individuals have access to a 16 week employability scheme, aiding re-entry into the workplace, and a warehouse full of reduced price furniture and household items.

Brompton Road, London, UK, SW1 1JA

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