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Project Overview
Our mission is transform lives by empowering individuals to break cycles of dependency,long-term unemployment, social-isolation and homelessness. Our pathway tackles the root causes of these issues with a holistic, person-centred approach so individuals can grow in their aspirations and re-integrate positively into their communities.

Over the past 20 years Friends First have excelled in providing crisis intervention, supportive care and community housing to those who are homeless and disadvantaged in the vicinity of Brighton & Hove. However, experience taught us that without a meaningful purpose in life, our beneficiaries continued to struggle to break free from cycles of dependency. In 2011 we piloted our supported community housing around a working week. We were astounded at the success of this combination. Within two years, the majority of those on the pilot had achieved employment, integrated into the wider community and sustained independent living. This led us to build the expectation of “work” alongside “supportive care” and “community housing” into the rich tapestry of life at Friends First. The “work” element , interlaced within support and community, has become key in breaking cycles of homelessness, dependency, and long-term unemployment.

Our connected group of services enable people to re-engage through community building, training and employment. 
They include:
  • Crisis Intervention
  • Safe Community Housing
  • Therapeutic Work Activity
  • Cultivation of Employable Skills
  • Employment Mentoring

Our objectives are:
  • To break cycles of dependency, long-term unemployment, social-isolation and homelessness through a unique combination of services that tackle the root cause.
  • To pioneer a “work-readiness” initiative that will provide a platform for people who are dependent, long-term unemployed and homeless to cultivate their abilities and disciplines of work in an array of areas relevant to work opportunities within Brighton and Hove.
  • To re-establish confidence, self worth and purpose, enabling individuals to renew their aspirations, become ready for work and integrate positively within their communities.
  • To create a solid mentoring and work placement network of businesses that will springboard beneficiaries into safe, non-exploitative working environments where they can flourish.
  • To work towards a successful collaborative enterprising model, with people at the core, that can be replicated in other towns and cities throughout the country, supported and endorsed by local and national government.

21-23 Clarendon Villas, Hove, BN3 3RE
01273 840880

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