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Project Overview
Be Strong is a project borne out of a passionate belief that a structured programme of supervised physical training and mentoring support can offer drug addicts and habitual offenders the opportunity to take active control of their lifestyle to improve their lives and add value to society.

From this starting point, Be Strong builds on the positive aspects of health and wellbeing to remedy project participant's pschological and interpersonal issues via personal development workshops which are delivered simulateously with training programmes. 

The Be Strong project's social mission is to faciliate, encourage and suppoert behavioural change in individuals who have become addicated to substances and have fallen into patterns of offending behaviour. It has a number of key objectiveis including:
-Reducing re-offending, currently two thirds of released prisoners re-offend
-Reducing the number of family breakdowns that imprisonment creates
-Improving the mental and physical health of released prisoners
-Increasing employment, voluntary and training opportunities
-Reducing the numer of indcidents of domestic violence 

Unit 1 Millfield Road, Breightmet, Bolton, BL2 6QY

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