currently being
housed by GP.
Kev is Summer Pride of GP posted 1 year ago by Ollie
Kev came to Lifeline Harrogate in September last year.

When he arrived he had been suffering from PTSD for 18 years following his time in the Army.
When we met him he would spend days in his room not wanting to come out. But with a little
encouragement and support Kev started to engage with Lifeline more and more. In Kev's own
words, 'My life has changed dramatically'. Today Kev enjoys gardening, running and is looking
forward to helping orphans in Hungary this summer.
The photo below is of him taking part in 'Chase the Sun', a race across the UK organised by GP
Partners, Restore York

Kev also went on an Alpha course; this reignited his faith and resulted in his baptism in the river.

Kev plans to spend his prize money on a computer; he has lots of creative entrepreneurial
ideas including developing fitness classes to Christian music.

You might recognise Kev from a video we recently made in Harrogate, you can watch that here.

Mark, Pride of Green Pastures posted 2 years ago by Ollie
This is Mark, from Mulberry Project Blackpool. Despite struggling with alcohol addiction he
never lost sight of his dreams. The Mulberry Project created a programme with him so he
could start accomplishing his dreams step by step. Mark has been alcohol-free for over a
year, he has gone to college and already completed Levels 1-3 Health and Social Care.
Mark is giving back to the local project, facilitating 
group work and helping with
assessments. With the support of The Mulberry Project, Mark's life has been absolutely
transformed - he is a great role model to others at the project! Mark plans to study a
degree course and will use his prize money towards resources.

Jordan is Christmas Pride of Green Pastures posted 2 years ago by Ollie
Jordan had a happy childhood but suddenly lost his mum at the age of 16. Her death was
avoidable so compensation was payable to Jordan. The grief led him to spending the money
on alcohol as he tried to fit in. Within 2 years the money had gone and his drinking had
got out of control. 

Christmas Pride of Green Pastures partner, Restore York, met Jordan and housed him.
Through their relentless love and support Jordan’s life started to change. He started a rehab
program at Teen Challenge and during his stay there Jordan met Jesus. Completely
transformedby that love and forgiveness Jordan is on the Teen Challenge Leadership program
and hopes to help people that were just like him.

 screen shot 2016-12-08 at 14.42.54
Aida, Pride of Green Pastures posted 2 years ago by Ollie

This is Aida, who was a resident of Green Pastures Partner, Boaz Trust in Manchester. 

Aida escaped Iran because of political persecution. In Iran she had worked as an architect.
Refused asylum by the Home Office Aida didn't know where to turn...

'If family say go, if the Home Office say go, if friends say go. Who is left? Only Boaz is left.
They give me a safe place. Boaz brings me joy.'

Boaz supported Aida in a number of ways not least solicitor and case worker support for a
fresh claim for asylum. In October 2015 Aida was granted refugee status. Since getting her
refugee status Aida has gone on to be accepted onto a work placement with Keepmoat,
one of the UK's top 10 construction firms.

The existence of The Boaz Trust and other partners who support refugees and asylum
seekers means there is a future for people like Aida who have nowhere else to turn.
You can join the journey here

23 heroes run 10k for Green Pastures posted 2 years ago by Ollie
On 10th July 23 superheroes dashed their way about the Capital to raise money for Green Pastures.

We gathered friends supporters and indeed our runners from across the country - thanks to the team from Southport who made it down for the day!

We also had the great pleasure of being joined by several runners from Fresh Horizons, Harrow. Do you remember Sticky, our Easter Pride of Green Pastures? Well he was one of the Green Pastures Runners! He is pictured below with his shiny medal and some fellow running friends.

If you want to sponsor any of our runners head over to our Virgin Money Giving Page and put their name as a reference!  

James Pride of Green Pastures 1 year on! posted 3 years ago by Ollie
This time last year we named James from Handcrafted, Durham our Easter Pride of Green Pastures. He made such great progress that UCB interviewed him. You can listen to the interview HERE.
Sticky is Spring Pride of Green Pastures posted 3 years ago by Ollie
screen shot 2016-04-08 at 12.15.01

This is Sticky from Harrow, he is our Spring Pride of Green Pastures.

Before joining Hope House, Harrow run by GP partner Fresh Horizons, Sticky had been
in a very vulnerable state. After a relationship breakdown he found himself homeless
and battling mental health problems. He quickly settled in, learnt to cook and within
a few weeks he was back in touch with his two young children, cooking them their
first ever Shepherd's Pie. Now he volunteers at the night shelter he used to attend and
has become a great support for the Polish men there. Speaking Polish is one of Sticky’s
many surprising talents! 

He has recommitted his life to Christ and is growing in his faith and health every day
thanks to the support of volunteers at Fresh Horizons.
Dave: Christmas Pride of GP posted 3 years ago by Ollie
12193742 1004580519584726_3195812296443800118_n

Dave has made incredible progress this last year. Leaving behind a life of addiction, he successfully completed their residential Recovery programme and now lives in a GP house in Rushden, close to and still under the support of Recovery House.

Today Dave loves to write poetry and is a peer mentor to other men at Recovery House whose lives have been affected by addiction. Dave will soon be going into a local school to warn teenagers of the dangers of addiction.

When we told Dave he'd won the award he said:
Thank you so much! This award will enable me to buy uniforms for my daughters and to go for a nice Christmas treat with them'. 

Your support enables us to witness the life-change in hundreds of people like Dave.
Jason Reed: Summer Pride of Green Pastures! posted 3 years ago by Ollie
Before Jason became a resident at Friends First his life was in chaos. He suffered various addictions and was sleeping in shop doorways.

Jason said “My life has done a complete 360. I have been off drugs and drink for a year, resisting re-offending and volunteering four days a week...and I live indoors! Friends First have given me a place to live!”

His face completely lights up as he talks about where he lives. His personal highlights include redecorating Green Pastures House in Boundary Road  and learning new skills. He excels in carpentry and construction (a course run by Friends First) and was involved in the renovation of the Friends First workshop and new offices.

We presented Jason with his award at the House of Commons where he looked really smart, you would never guess his history. Jason quite comfortably engaged Andrew Selous, the Minister for Prisons in the UK.

Jason is keen to further his carpentry skills through a local college course, he will be using the Green Pastures prize money as a grant towards his course costs.

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James Hyland: Easter Pride of Green Pastures posted 4 years ago by Ollie
jameshprideofgp 2015

*drum roll please*

We are pleased to announce James Hyland from Handcrafted, Durham is our
Easter Pride of Green Pastures!

James struggled with a life of drugs and crime and ended up in a homeless hostel.
In October 2014 he was referred to Handcrafted and started to engage with
the carpentry workshop. In January James was part of a renovation team who modernised
a Green Pastures property and made it suitable for living in. James now lives in the very
house he renovated, sleeping in a bed he made himself in the workshop.

Life is really changing for James, he's regained contact with his children. He has been
making toy boxes for them in the Handcrafted workshop. James has joined the Connect
Group at church and was baptised in November. James has donated his prize money
to a missions trip to Norway. 

James says, 'I am thrilled to be in my new home, to have contact with my kids
and to be a part of Kings church'

James is using his prize money towards his church mission trip, you can sponsor him here.

Find out more about Handcrafted here, about partnering with us here
Or you can invest in our properties for a 5% return here.
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